What to check before going on a long motorcycle road trip?

long motorcycle road trip

A long road trip on your bike is a welcome and healthy challenge for every bike rider. Besides all the fun and amazement, a motorcycle trip offers it has a lot of potential trouble if you have not prepared enough. The first thing that you do before you hit the road is checking the condition of your motorbike & its parts for ensuring safety. Below is the list of things that you need to check for ensuring a smooth and safe ride. Make sure you carry all the necessary tools in your bike’s saddlebag on your bicycle along with your essentials in case of an emergency.   

Know Your Motorbike for the Long Road Trip

The First & foremost thing that you need to know before you hit the road for the longest motorcycle trip is understanding your ride itself. This doesn’t mean just carrying out the maintenance work, but the way you should ride it. You need to know how to apply the brakes smoothly, for a steady ride. Feel the ride, listen to it closely & notice its sound. If you don’t fully understand your bike like it is your best buddy, that way you will know upcoming and scheduled issues before time. 


Check out the tire’s condition before you start the journey. If these aren’t in good condition, there are high chances that your tires would rip or off during your ride. It can pose potential dangers

on your ride, and also give you a tough time replacing them on your way. & never forget to check your bike’s tire pressure frequently. Every tire has its recommended psi which is written on the sidewall to make sure your tire air stays within that range; it will not only give you a safer ride but also decrease the chances of a puncture.


Another important factor that should be looked through before going on your journey is checking its engine oil. Check out if your bike’s engine oil is in a good condition. Your bike’s engine is its heart and engine oil are what keeps the heart pumping. Good lubrication plays an important role in running your bike smoothly. You can also get an expert’s opinion in choosing the best oil for your bike. 


Check if your fuel tank is full if not make it. Remember to keep your bike tanks full before you start a long trip. By doing so you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel or hitting the reserves. As a precaution, consider carrying a petrol bottle with you safely in a saddlebag.

Clean the Air Filter

Clean your motorcycle’s air filter before initiating your trip. On-time you will have to ride by the dusty & dirty surroundings which make foreign abrasives stuck in the valves. Therefore, always remember to maintain the condition of your bike’s filter.

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A loose chain could lead to hard throttle inputs, or a too-tight chain can disturb the suspension. So, remember to check the chain isn’t worn out; it can pose a serious safety hazard. You can also get help from a mechanic regarding your bike’s chain.

Battery & Electricals

Same as you have to keep your energy level boosted, your bike’s battery needs to be the same. It essentially has to be charged on your long journey. Each time you put your foot on the starter or apply the brake lever or the pedal, the motorbike’s battery releases its power. Remember to check your bike’s battery, before you start the journey as there might be no service station in between. Also, get all the electrical components of your motorcycle checked with an expert.


Last but not least, another most important factor that ensures your safety while you ride a bike is the ISI marked helmet. Riding a bike is adventurous, fun, and thrilling but it is also less safe than riding a car if not taken care of properly. Make sure you wear a well-maintained helmet that fits firmly on the top of your head, is comfortable enough & doesn’t interfere with the vision. Keep on wearing it all the time so you are protected on the journey!

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