Know how to download videos from YouTube


You are always on the lookout for some reliable Apps that are available for downloading videos from YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites on your Android phones. You need to obtain the link of the video primarily the one that you are planning to download if you are looking for some. You will come across myriads of techniques for copying the URL of the video from your YouTube and can try on to something that would be quite easier for you.

First step

You can visit the SMM Panel on the YouTube website and search for videos that you plan to download with the use of a browser like Dolphin or Opera Mini. While you are playing the video you can find an option for sharing the video through SMS, click on the share button. You will obtain the URL through a message from which you can copy the URL and you can choose that. With the default browser available on Android phones, you can still try out the same technique. YouTube video App in Android in which you have to use the same share button is another way in which you can select the video and from the pop-up menu, share through the SMS option. The one that you can copy and paste to any other App, the URL of the video will be sent to you like a text message.

There is no direct option for downloading them and you have to use tricks like those mentioned above, though the option for streaming YouTube videos is available on all smartphones. Through TubeMate App is the other way in which you can have the video downloaded. Today, with the advent of several apps that are there, Vidmate would be the best app through which you can download videos from YouTube.

Since watching videos over the Internet consumes a lot of battery power along with the data charges when compared to that of the ones that you watch on the sores if you are watching the videos from YouTube. When you are trying to download YouTube videos on your Android phone, Vidmate or 9 apps would be the best way to download the videos from YouTube or through other social media.


Once you open the Vidmate app, you will come across two options as you are searching for the video that you wish to download. The options are to download and to watch. If you want to have a video preview just if you want to watch or if you want to download it immediately click on the download option. For downloading the video in various resolutions which include 320 x 240, 640 x 360, 640 x 360, 854 x 480, etc. and also FLV, MP4 or MP3 formats, you will find a pop-up menu with different options if you click on the download option. Also, choose the location on your SD card where you want to save the video and you can choose the desired format you wish to download. You can directly watch the video from your phone, once the download is complete, and for watching it online every time you need not have to go to YouTube. YouTube videos to Android phones, it is one of the easiest and fastest ways of downloading.

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