Author: Brian Harris

Guide to Cardio Kickboxing Workouts

Kickboxing is an old sport that has been around for years & is brutal. It demands exceptional cardiovascular endurance & speed for winning. Strong spirit & body is essential kickboxing. It is a fun & effective cardio workout option that engages all the muscle groups in the body and your mind as well. Kickboxing is […]

Bodybuilding Motivation That Will Make You Hit the Gym

Struggling with your fitness motivation? Want to stick to your New Year’s bodybuilding resolution? Welcome! You have hit the right click here a huge dose of fitness motivation that will make you hit the gym. Impulsive buying a gym or fitness club membership is far easier than staying motivated to go there every day. Even […]

4 Duties Nurses Fulfill That May Surprise You

When you talk to most people about what nurses do, the response that you get will usually indicate that they have a good grasp of the responsibilities of the job. Chances are that in your lifetime you have interacted with a nurse, whether you required medical care or not.  Nonetheless, regardless of the general population […]

The most in-demand roles in the world of marketing

Marketing can be one of the hardest industries to get a foot on the career ladder. Many potential employers will be looking for someone who has a proven track record of running successful campaigns. You can see why they’d want any future employee to have already had experience in the role. Still, the unfortunate irony […]

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