Guide to Cardio Kickboxing Workouts

Cardio Kickboxing Workouts

Kickboxing is an old sport that has been around for years & is brutal. It demands exceptional cardiovascular endurance & speed for winning. Strong spirit & body is essential kickboxing. It is a fun & effective cardio workout option that engages all the muscle groups in the body and your mind as well. Kickboxing is a golden activity for burning calories. It is an effective cardio workout with a perfect blend of martial arts moves, dance elements & basic calisthenics that makes you stronger, empowered, and burn a huge number of calories. It works very well for beginners & athletes as well. You can start with basics & work the way to complex moves. 

Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing

Kickboxing provides so many benefits while you enjoy the activity. It is an amazing way of mixing up your workout routine & have some besides burning calories. It boosts your cardiovascular health, confidence, & builds lean body muscle.

Reduce Stress: 

Kickboxing makes you kick & punch on punching mitts and pads while releasing your stress in a matter of minutes. The movements your body undergoes while practicing strengthen your core, legs, and arms and wipe the daily grind away. 

Boost Confidence: 

Kickboxing boosts the release of endorphins hormones which elevates your mood & helps you in feeling more confident. These hormones continue to make you feel good hours after your workout. 

Improved Coordination: 

If you suffer from different posture problems & have poor body coordination, this workout can strengthen the ‘core’ while improving your reflexes & coordination skills. Those speedy punches & kicks make you focus your energy on executing every movement successfully.

Burn Mega Calories: 

Kickboxing burns around 800 calories in an hour while toning up your body and boosting the metabolism. This high-power cardio helps you to get in the best shape. 

Energy Boost

It gives your body & mind high energy and makes them more aware of the situation. Kickboxing makes you breathe hard & sweat out the toxins in the process. 

Better Posture 

If you spend most of your day sitting in front of a computer kickboxing is the perfect workout for you. It will challenge your major muscle groups. It will build up the core and improve your overall coordination. 

Kickboxing Workouts

Here are some of the best kickboxing workouts but make sure you warm-up properly before performing these intense exercises. Make sure you wear headgears while practicing for preventing injuries.  

Jab, Cross, Squat, Jump, & Switch

In this combination attack & avoid your virtual opponent with a punching combo in by this kickboxing move. Start by Standing and stepping the right foot forward, while your arms hold the ‘on guard’ position. Then throw a right jab, a left cross & bring both of your arms back to the guard position. Immediately push the hips back & lower down your body in a squat position. Then jump up, & rotate at an angle of 180 degrees in the air, and land back by stepping your left foot forward. Then repeat the whole sequence to your left side. And keep on alternating sides.

Speed Bag & Shuffle

Make sure you stay quick & light while resting on your feet in this kickboxing drill. Stand on both of your feet hip-distance apart & bring both of your arms up at your front on your chest, your hands in the fists, and elbows out at your sides. Keep on Shuffling side by side & circle up both arms quickly around each other. Perform this workout quickly for 30 secs.

Kick & Knee Strike

Power up the lower body & core by executing this killer combo. Start this by standing on the feet together and arms on the guard. Bend the left knee inward, move it closer to the chest & extend the left leg at your back and push out the left heel, with your foot flexed. Then bend the knee back & step down. Then bend the right knee quickly at your front and move them close to your chest, while pressing the hips forward. Repeat the workout for 30 secs with your left leg, & then 30 secs by using the right.

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