6 Most Effective Exercises for Burning Belly Fat

Exercises for Burning Belly Fat

The common goal most people have when they think of losing fat is burning down belly fat. Burning down the fat of a targeted area in your body can be frustrating and hard as well. 

Excess belly fat does not only impact the way you look but affects your health badly. It can cause some serious diseases such as high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, & several heart diseases. For cutting down your belly fat, the first thing you will have to do is to limit the number of calories you eat in a day. Keep a record of how many calories you eat and burn every day. Here are the most effective workouts for burning unwanted belly fat. 


This workout engages your core, your chest, lats, shoulders, triceps & quads. Burpees can help in burning down belly fat effectively when performed regularly. As this workout involves explosive plyometric moves, it elevates your heart pumping rate too. It not only burns your belly fat but helps in overall weight loss and body toning. Start this workout by standing on your feet shoulder-width apart while lowering your hips down as you move toward the floor like a low squat. 

Put both of your hands outwards away from your feet & put both your feet back, and make your chest touch the ground. Then put pressure on your hands against hitting the ground and lift the body in plank position & then jump back on your feet and put all your weight on the heels, then jump up explosively with both of your arms overhead.


Crunches are the most effective workout for burning stomach fat. They take up the first place when it comes to fat-burning exercises. Start this workout lying flat on the floor with both the knees bent & your feet placed on the floor. Lift your upper body with both of your hands placed underneath your head. Or put them crossed on the chest. Keep checking the breathing pattern. Crunches are very effective for not only burning your belly fat but also help in building abs. 

Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers are more like a full-body workout. Fitness enthusiasts are usually fans of this exercise. If performed rightly they can burn away a significant amount of fat in a few weeks. It engages the core with other major muscle groups of your body. Start this workout by getting in the high-plank posture. 

Put your wrists underneath your shoulders. Make sure to keep the core tight, draw your belly in and compress it towards the spine. Then move your right knee closer to the chest & then go back into the plank position. After that move, the left knee close to the chest & bring back. Keep on switching your sides while performing this workout.


Walking is a very simple activity but it’s a cardio workout that helps in losing belly fat & staying fit. If it’s done with a healthy diet routine it can bring wonders to your overall health. Doing a brisk walk for as little as 30 minutes outside in the air reduces tummy while boosting your natural metabolism & increasing heart health. However, running is more beneficial for burning your fat. 


It is a common misconception in people lifting weights is for building up bulky muscles. But it’s not true. Lifting Weights help your body to get in shape, by toning your muscles and burning fat. You don’t necessarily have to lift large amounts of weight regularly for burning your tummy fat lifting for a day two per week can help with your cause. 

Turkish Get-Up

Turkish-getup is a classical total-body workout that involves a kettlebell. It’s a little complicated, but a golden workout for burning belly fat. Start by holding a kettlebell with both of your hands, and lie down on your side. Then Roll on your back & lift the kettlebell using both hands till the weight stabilizes on your loaded side. Then release the free & free leg at a 45-degree. Move the loaded side heel closer to the butt. Put pressure on the floor by foot, while punching the kettlebell upward with your loaded arm & roll on the free forearm.  Make sure you keep the chest stretched.  Then straighten your elbow & lift yourself into a seated position. Then align both of your arms and raise the torso for erecting the upper body erect. 

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