When How and Whom to Give Red Flowers Know Here

How and Whom to Give Red Flowers

Flowers have been a symbol of a friendly gesture or a love-filled message since olden times there have been no changes to the positioning of flowers in the mind of people. From a big Rose in hair to a rose hidden in a book, to one sent by a child, and to the one used to proposed Bollywood has drawn a good comparison or companionship between people and flowers. Not what’s coming next is a universal statement, and we believe you all would agree with it too. Flowers may not be well received by men maybe because it’s not their cup of tea or because they are not used to getting flowers from girls. Girls, on the other hand, dream of getting a rose in their life from their Prince charming on a Sunday, a weekday, anniversary, or Valentine’s day. 

Men are undoubtedly unaware of this magical concept of women to resolve which we have brought no less than a guide book that will tell you what flowers to give to whom how and why. 

A red rose of love

Red is the color of love, and so is the choice of flower you need if you are ambitious to win someone’s heart. Red flowers work magically to express heartfelt emotions to girl-friend’s and wives on anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s day, or post any fights. A bunch of red roses will never lose their meaning and be your best friends forever. 

White Rose of peace

Is Love not peaceful, of course it is but why white roses signify a greater body of peace is due to their recognition as an epitome of peace. You can give white roses to your teachers, friends, mentors and gurus, thanking them for everything they do. You can go for a subtle bouquet on teachers day or final goodbyes. 

Lilies for the house

If you want to surprise one of your family members or friends with a home decor element that is more natural than artificial lilies are the one to for. They aren’t just pleasing, but their flowers and leaves give a breathtaking appearance too. You can give these flowers as a token of love, especially when it’s easy to take care of. 

Lotus for almighty

You can gift a bunch of lotus flowers only to someone who means the world to you. The lotus flowers are used mainly and most respectfully for religious activities and hence the perfect gift for mom or elderlies. The lotus flowers are although slightly or more expensive, but their meaning is unmistakable. A lotus flower is always closed and opens slowly after you have it home for some days. You can although force the petals to leave the comfort zone and open. 

Including everyone from wives to girlfriend to moms to mentors, you just read a choice of flower bouquet that can be gifted to each one of these for reasons indescribable.

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