Setting Up a Space For Remote Work

Space For Remote Work

There has been a major shift in the way we work over the last two years with many people switching to remote work. In many cases, people just took the computer and desk they already had, set up some space in the corner, and called that their office. This is not an ideal setup because it might be missing a few key things. In this article, we will look at some things you can do to ensure your space is suited for remote work.

Get a Standing Desk

People underestimate the benefits of a standing desk. If you will be working remotely, you risk ending up sitting for many hours. This is not great for your overall health, and your back will tell you when you have been sitting for too long. 

To mitigate this, physicians recommend moving around or getting up from your desk every few hours. If you do not want to break your concentration, you should consider a standing desk.

This type of desk can go from a sitting position to a standing one in a few seconds so you can work at a height comfortable for you. This way, you can stretch your legs, help blood move around the body, and avoid sitting for too long.

Ensure Your Computer is Up To The Task

Your computer is the most important piece of equipment you need when you want to start working remotely. Setting up your computer for remote work is not challenging, but there are a few important things to remember. You do not need a powerful computer for remote work unless you are doing difficult tasks like programming, compiling code, and 3D modeling work. 

When picking a computer, keep an eye on the CPU, RAM, cooling, and audiovisual features it has. A good CPU and adequate RAM will help you handle most tasks, proper cooling will ensure your computer will keep going for long periods without overheating, and the audiovisual features will ensure you can make audio and video calls without any issues. 

For those looking for a computer that serves more than one purpose, consider a PC gaming setup. You get a powerful computer that can do almost everything and a gaming monitor that allows for multitasking while giving you a great gaming experience when you want to unwind.

Personalize Your Desk

One thing many people do not like about the office is the cubicles. You risk turning your remote working space into a cubicle if you do not personalize it. There are many ways of doing this but start with a good-looking mouse mat, some faux flowers, and a picture of your family or a loved one. Adding some personalized items will give you something to look at when you need to take a break or are thinking something over.

Get a Second Monitor

When getting the setup discussed above, you might have chosen an ultrawide monitor. If not, consider getting a second monitor. A dual monitor setup improves productivity and makes things a lot easier than using only one,


How you set up your desk will affect how you work and whether you can be productive working remotely. Make your space as comfortable as possible and ensure it supports how you work and helps you be producing the best way your know-how.

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