Wedding Video Invitations- Your guide to creating one

Wedding Video Invitations

Wedding Video Invitations

Wedding Video Invitations are the latest wedding trend. The days are long gone where you print 1000 cards and they just end up in a dump. As more and more people are getting conscious of the environment and doing their best to reduce waste, digital methods are being used a lot. One of the most convenient and interesting digital invitations is wedding video invitations.

Here’s everything you need to know about creating amazing wedding video invitations. 

#1. Planning Is Everything

Planning is one of the most important parts of a wedding. This is applicable even for wedding video invitations. You need to sit down with your partner and decide how you want to do your video invitations. If you want to do a mini-shoot for it, decide when, where and whether your friends can do it or you need a professional, etc. Also, discuss what information and designs to put in. 

#2. Prepare a Budget

After choosing when, where and how to do your video shoot, decide on the budget. Prepare to splurge a bit if you’re looking for uber-cool and professional videos. Also decide on the theme, share it with your photographer or videographer and ensure that they stick with it. Most of us are not rich enough to just not bother with budgets. So make a practical one so you don’t need to spend more than what you have to. 

#3. Word The Information

If you’re planning to do only a wedding video invitation and a website, then ensure that the necessary information to attend your wedding is in the wedding video invitation. For the rest,  they can refer to the website. So, ensure that your correct name, wedding date, venue, time and the different functions they are invited to, their date, venue and time and don’t forget to mention dress codes! These are the essential information that needs to be in your wedding video invitation. Mention your wedding website URL in your video and ask your guests to refer to it for further information. Don’t cram your video with unnecessary details like travel arrangement and so on. 

So, this is what you must know before creating wedding video invitations. Have an awesome time bringing your vision to life. Happy planning!

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