10 Home Appliance Maintenance Tips and Tricks You Must Know


Home appliances are gifts as they have made lives comfortable and easy. People get used to the comfort and convenience and at times infuriated when appliances land with issues. For the safety and long life of appliances, proper care and maintenance are mandatory. There are different appliances and each needs different attention for continuous working and long-lasting life. Let’s discuss a few home appliance maintenance tips and tricks you must know. 

  • refrigerator 

The refrigerator should never be overloaded. This makes the compressor work more to keep the items fresh and cool. The rubber gaskets in the freeze and refrigerator doors are to be checked on a timely basis. The debris and food items can be cleaned off with water soap and a towel. This tip can make the doors seal tightly and trap the cool air inside. 

  • Washing machine 

The most important tip for using a washing machine is to wash in smaller loads. Washing machines die due to large loads of washing. Bigger rubber mats and carpets can be avoided from washing in washing machines. Dirt, dust, residue, threads, etc. can be cleaned from the drum and other parts with a clean damp cloth. After any wash, the dampness and moisture can be allowed to evaporate by leaving eth door open for a few minutes. When such tips are followed appliance repair can be avoided. 

  • Microwave 

For using a microwave, there are many precautions to be followed. Any metal container or even objects with metal parts should not be used in a microwave oven. Hazard or fire can be avoided by removing the aluminium foil in food item before placing into the microwave. Packed or sealed food should not be heated in the microwave. The stains and food spills can be cleaned often to evade rotten smell. 

  • Dishwasher 

The dish washer can be cleaned occasionally with a cup of white vinegar. The tough residues are removed after a normal cycle is run. The dishwasher can be turned off and the water line can be disconnected from the inlet valve when the owners leave for vacation. 

  • Air conditioner 

The air conditioners filters are dirty, clogged, and limit air flow. This leads to reduced life of the appliance. To avoid this, the air filters are to be cleaned every two or four weeks. This provides maximum air flow. Reusable filters can be cleaned and used whereas disposable ones can be replaced with a new filter. 

  • Toasters 

Toasters usually have a crumbs tray and many users aren’t aware of it. When the crumb tray is overflowing and unattended, it may lead to fire hazards. Based on the usage the crumb tray is to be emptied every week for the proper working of the toaster. 

  • Stoves

The stove burner gets off when more spills are present over it. The igniter must hence be kept clean by cleaning the burner often. A gentle brush with the toothbrush all over the burner can avoid issues with the burner. It is advised to clean the burner every day after use of good maintenance and gas quick cooking. 

  • Drinking water systems

After prolonged use, it is usual for sediments to clog the water filter and the performance of the water purifier is declined. It is hence a good maintenance tip to change water filer for every three to six months. The water colour and pressure are to be monitored and planned for a water filter change periodically. 

  • Dryer 

The dryer needs to follow few tips for proper working. There may be heating up issues when the lint filter is clogged. A stiff kitchen brush can be used, and the filter can be scrubbed with hot water and laundry detergent. 

  • Inlet of horse 

Any appliance can be averted from appliance repair by checking the inlet horse. Either it’s a washing machine, dish washer or other appliance that requires inlet water, needs to be monitored for its horse. There may be weak spots, cracks, and leaks in the horse that leads to poor performance or appliance repair. 

Appliances break down due to improper maintenance and negligence. Any household appliance needs proper monitoring and maintenance. The appliance should be cleaned properly for proper functioning and long life. The users need regular maintenance and should avert putting stress on the appliance. Correct use and good care of the appliance is necessary for long life. The care and maintenance tips provided are very beneficial for users to use their appliances lifelong. By following these tips, appliance repair can be avoided. 


Home appliance tips are a significant aspect that helps in saving energy and money. These maintenance tricks also provide confidence for the users to lead a longer life for appliances and avoid frequent appliance repairs. Apart from buying an appliance maintaining it is very important to continuous and perfect working. 

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