Handy Shares How to Design A Stunning and Unforgettable Business Card

It is known that the first impression lasts forever. The humble business card is no more viewed as a piece of paper displaying the contact details of a company or individual. It is now a marketing tool designed to win the trust of the recipients and convert them into prospective customers. A business card speaks of the acumen of the person and their innovative schemes that lure the customers to give them a try. In this article, Handy shares how to design a business card that leaves a mark on the recipients and creates a good signal for your business.

The Details

1. The details to consider

Modern business has a lot of details like their email address, fax numbers, mobile numbers, website details, the logo, and other details. If you try to squeeze in all the information in the tiny space available, it will create a crowded picture. Give your business card maker only the important details to display. Also, in a bid to accommodate more details, do not try to shrink the font size as it may become illegible. Keep it straight and simple to be more effective.

2. The creative ability

Anything that catches your fancy has to be a little different from the rest. The uniqueness of your card speaks of the creative designing skills, generating a good impression of your business. Creative graphic design ideas leave an indelible impression on recipients and help them remember it long after as well.

3. The special touches

For your business card to make a mark it should be a finished product of great artwork as well as great quality. You send out the right signals for your business if your card manages to stand out from those of your competitors. Ensuring the use of metallic links, foil blocking, spot-UV, etc. creates a great visual impression. Additionally, the use of the 3D effect provides the card with a unique look and feel because the text and designs appear raised from the surface.

4. Use impressive visuals

Now that you are done with one side of the card that carries your contact information, it’s time to give the backside a consideration. Most business cards have an empty backside. For a distinct appeal, you can use impressive visuals related to your business on the other side. An alternative could be a display of your company logo too. Use your creative skills to enhance the overall appearance of your card.

5. The material of the card

The usual material that goes into making a business card is paper or plastic. To give your card a unique look, think of getting it printed on the wood, slate, or metal. This experiment might work well to provide some excitement to the look of the card. Your impressive creative ability will also speak volumes of your distinctiveness in your business vision.


Handy feels that these little considerations may go a long way to provide a boost to your business. Always consider the things that might appeal to your customers and design it accordingly. You may even consider looking for some feedback from people before giving a final go.

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