Mark Roemer Explains Ways to Improve the Visual Content Strategy for Your Site


Visual content plays a very crucial role nowadays. Social media has revolutionized the way netizens share visual content to the point that they now play an active role in blogs, landing pages, and any part of a website. Improving your visual content is crucial in lending you the upper hand over the competition. Mark Roemer shares some tips to help optimize the visual content strategy for your site. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Ways

1. High-Resolution Images

High-resolution images increase engagement compared to posts without them. High-quality images are a must if you want to attract decent traffic. 

Most visitors relate the overall quality of a website to the content. If your website packs low-resolution images, visitors will automatically shy away from it. There are tons of royalty-free stock images available online. If you’re a traveler, you can click a few images yourself and share them in your blog for added effect and engagement. However, make sure the images are related to your niche.

2. Memes

Memes are a very powerful tool, and if used correctly, can leave an everlasting effect on your audience. Some memes are even used in online marketing campaigns because of their witty and humorous nature.

Numerous influential blogs use memes to get points across the board. If implemented correctly, they could earn tons of share on social media, skyrocketing your website’s popularity relatively quickly.

3. Infographic

Infographics are the optimal way to present data and otherwise complex ideas in a rather simplistic manner. This creates interesting content that is more likely to be shared by the viewers.

Readers appreciate clarity and infographics let you achieve it in the most efficient way possible. If you’re a blogger supplementing your content with a few infographics can truly help you connect with your target audience. There are various kinds of infographics available on the web such as fishbone, pie charts, mind maps, and much more. Every design is suitable for a specific situation, so keep experimenting until you find the best one that complements your niche.

4. Presentations

Presentations are like infographics but are more engaging. In these, you use visual elements such as shapes, color, and images to create visually appealing content that provides a visual representation of your ideas. Short texts, definitions, quotes, and even infographics can be included in presentations. Creating these has become even easier with the help of SlideShare and Google slides. You can find hundreds of attractive templates on the internet that you can use in blogs as well as social media. 

5. Vlogging

Videos are the most engaging form of content available on the internet. All you need a decent camera. Some professionals even use their smartphones for vlogging about details. You can create educational and informative videos. You can even film yourself at a conference and share it with your audience.


Visually appealing content is the future, and with the help of these tips shared by Mark Roemer, you can surely attract a wide variety of readers relevant to your niche. Keep experimenting until you find the right balance between your written and visual content for maximum effect.

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