Detailed Guide on Car Insurance Claim Process

Car insurance provides cover for third party liabilities as well as damages caused to the policyholder’s car. However, to avail this benefit, a policyholder must file a claim with the insurance provider. If the claim is legitimate, then the insurer will provide financial assistance to pay for the expenses.

If you don’t know how to file a claim, then read on to understand the car insurance claim process.

With a car insurance policy, you can avail cover for third party liabilities and damages to your car. But to receive the cover amount, you need to initiate the claim process.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind while filing for a car insurance claim-

Call Your Insurance Provider

It is of utmost importance to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. The customer service representative will explain to you the steps you need to take. Also, you can avail of roadside assistance and towing facilities, depending on your coverage.

Every insurance company sets a time duration for reporting incidents. Mostly, it is between 48 to 72 hours. Ensure that you inform your insurer within this duration.

File a FIR

It is critical to keep your legal responsibilities in mind if you meet with an accident. You must report the incident to the police and file an FIR. The FIR is necessary in case of bodily injury or death of the third-party person. You also need to lodge an FIR if your vehicle is stolen. However, an FIR is not required in case of a minor accident.

Gather Accident’s Details

Gathering evidence from the accident scene is crucial for a quick claim settlement. Get the contact details of the witnesses and click photos of the accident scene to support your claim.

Provide Accurate Information

Not submitting accurate details about the accident can result in the claim’s rejection. Also, provide authentic documents in order to ensure a stress-free claim settlement experience.

Now, let’s take a look at the claim process you need to follow for various incidents-

Car Insurance Claim Process for Third-Party Liabilities

  • If the third party sends you a legal notice, then the first thing you need to do is inform your insurer.
  • Don’t make an out-of-court settlement with the third party without consulting your insurance provider.
  • If your claim is legitimate, then the insurer will provide a lawyer for your case.
  • The insurance provider will cover the third-party liabilities if the court instructs you to pay for the damages.

Car Insurance Claim Process for Damages to Your Car

  • Contact your insurance provider at the earliest.
  • Collect information from the accident scene. Get the vehicle number and contact details of the third party. Also, get the contact information of the witnesses.
  • In case of a major accident, file an FIR. 
  • Once you file a claim, the insurer will appoint a surveyor to assess the damages.
  • You can then take your vehicle to a garage in order to repair it.
  • Collect the bills from the garage and send them to the surveyor.
  • The surveyor will then submit the bills to the insurance provider.
  • If the insurer approves the claim, then you will receive the cover amount.

Car Insurance Claim Process for Car Theft

  • The first thing you need to do is lodge an FIR.
  • Once you file an FIR, report the incident to the insurance company.
  • Next, you need to inform your RTO about the incident. You will have to fill a few essential forms. The RTO officer will sign these forms. Then, the RTO will give you the transfer papers. You will have to submit the signed forms and the transfer papers to the insurer.
  • The police will start the investigation after you file an FIR. If the police can’t trace your car, then you will receive a no-trace report. This report will be issued in a month. You will have to submit the no-trace report to the insurance company.
  • You also need to submit car keys to the insurer.

Necessary Documents Required for Filing a Car Insurance Claim

  • Claim Form
  • Copy of Your Insurance Policy
  • FIR Copy
  • Copy of Your Vehicle’s Registration Certificate
  • Copy of Your Driving License
  • Medical Bills (In case of injuries)
  • Bills from the Garage (If you are availing the reimbursement facility)
  • RTO transfer papers and RTO forms (In case of car theft)

Now that you know the claim process for an insurance policy, you can easily claim for your vehicle without any hassle.

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