Why Cats Make the Best Pets

Cats Make the Best Pets

While it may not be much of a new sentiment, it’s worth reiterating that cats are one of the best types of pet to have. Since ancient times, cats have learned to coexist with humans in such a way that brings both them and us plenty of benefits. At first, the boom of agriculture attracted pests such as mice to human settlements where grain was stored. Then cats arrived to feast on the prey. Shortly after, humans began to deliberately feed the cats to encourage them to stay as natural pest control. The bond between felines and humans has been unbroken ever since. Take a look at some of the most compelling reasons you should consider introducing a cat into your life.

They are Low Maintenance

A cat’s innate independence means that it is a particularly easy animal to care for. If you have an outdoor cat, it has the opportunity to hunt for itself and go to the bathroom outside. Even if yours is an indoor cat, it won’t need walks or as much constant attention as a dog, and it won’t need its enclosure regularly cleaned like a bird, reptile, or rodent. Of course, it will still need medical care and check-ups with the vet. Look for a veterinary in Frisco TX, for more information about caring for your pet.

They Live for a Long Time

Unlike other types of pets, such as fish or small rodents, cats have an average lifespan of approximately eighteen years. This means that you are able to enjoy their company for much longer than that of your hamster or even your dog. While it might seem quite morbid to think of it on these terms, it can be reassuring to know that the connection you have with your pet cat can be enjoyed for a long time.

They are Affectionate

Some people might disagree, but cats can be extremely affectionate towards the people they like. If you raise your cat from a kitten, you can demonstrate to it from an early age that you are a calm and pleasant presence in its life. Only cats who have experienced the darker sides of humanity are vicious or unfriendly to people.

They are Playful

Whether they are elderly cats or young kitten, cats love to play. Their hunter instincts make them excellent at catching toys and pretending to stalk prey. You won’t need expensive toys or equipment to please your cat; a piece of string or feather duster will entertain them for hours.

They are Independent

If someone is adamant that they would never have a pet cat, they often argue that one of the reasons is how aloof they are. While this tends to be true, especially if you compare the temperament of cats to that of dogs, a cat’s independence and apparent ‘aloofness’ is not bad quality. In fact, sharing a home with an independent yet friendly creature can create an atmosphere of mutual respect and calm. Of course, like any animal, the personality of your cat will most likely be unique to them, but the overall independence displayed by felines is an appealing trait.

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