What Is Telemarketing And What Can It Do For Your Swindon Company?


If you run a business in Swindon, you are likely considering new ways to improve core corporate processes, such as reaching new customers, expanding awareness of your brand, and improving the efficiency of your marketing.

There are countless different avenues for you to pursue, but one of the best solutions to consider when trying to reach more customers is telemarketing.

Put simply; telemarketing is when you call up prospects to discuss any issues you can help them solve, tell them about your available products and land sales. 

It is an ‘old school’ method when compared with newer alternatives like social media marketing and online advertising, but there is no doubting its effectiveness when done right.

The reason is that talking to another human being builds a unique connection that cannot be replicated in any other way. Just as you can understand someone better when you speak to them on the phone, rather than texting them, you can often land more lasting clients via telemarketing than you can use other means.

This is what you need to know about telemarketing and what it can do to help your Swindon business:

It allows you to connect with prospects in new markets

A compelling reason why telemarketing is useful for your company is that it can help you expand into new markets.

Being based in Swindon, you may eventually find yourself ready to move into other areas, expand your business model, and accept customers from other areas – even countries.

This huge shift brings the challenge of trying to communicate with strangers who have no knowledge of who you are, or even the language you are speaking.

By using a multilingual telemarketing agency, you can connect with these people without any awkward language or cultural barriers, allowing you to expand into new regions far quicker. 

Telemarketing feels more human than other forms of marketing

One of the most fundamental problems with many marketing techniques is that they can come across as cynical to your audience. 

Some people may treat marketing emails as spam (or forget to read them altogether), social media posts as obvious ploys for attention, or adverts before videos as outright irritating. While there is genuine merit in all of these approaches, they can backfire as many times as they succeed. 

In contrast, telemarketing can build a more human connection with your prospects.

When executed correctly, it will be a pleasant experience to hear a voice at the other end of the phone and give your prospects the ability to voice their doubts and questions about your products and the problems they aim to solve.

You will be able to reach more prospects faster

Another great reason telemarketing is worth considering if you run a Swindon-based business is that it may enable you to reach more prospects at a quicker rate. 

Telemarketing is one of the most efficient marketing strategies because it instantly gets you in front of your audience. If they hang up or aren’t interested, you know right away and move on to the next person. 

Compare this to other forms of marketing – such as social media or blog posting – which can take months before you generate any leads. 

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