Why Maui is the Perfect Place for a Family Vacation

Family Vacation

The Hawaiian island of Maui is famous around the world for its picturesque beaches and stunning scenery. It is a place that millions of people dream about taking their family vacation, and is a place that everyone can enjoy. 

If you are planning your next family vacation, then why not consider heading to Hawaii? Whether your family wants to relax in the sunshine or have a more active trip, there are no limits to your enjoyment on the island of Maui. 

Why Choose Maui

Maui is so popular as a holiday destination, that it has been voted as the “Best Island in the World” for over two decades. 

There are simply so many great places to stay when you decide to visit the island, and this is a fact that sets it apart from other vacation destinations. Particularly popular choices are the range of Outrigger Maui family resorts, with a wide selection of different accommodation types available.

Head to the Beach

One of the first things to do when you get to Maui, is to head to the beach. Each of the beaches on the island has something unique to offer and you can explore the different options to find your favorite. 

Whether you want to relax on a sun lounger with a cocktail or get in the water to enjoy more physical activity, there is something to suit all members of your family. Why not pick a different beach every day and see which one you love the most?

Nature Lovers

For those who want to soak up the natural world while on holiday, Maui is the perfect place. In the winter months, humpback whales can be observed in their natural habitat, which makes for a very memorable sight!

Back on dry land, there is much for nature lovers to explore. For keen hikers, the Pipiwai Trail is an absolute must and is a fantastic way to spend an entire day. The hike along the Pipiwai Trail leads to a breathtaking waterfall, which is a great place to enjoy a picnic and a rest before heading back to your hotel.

Eating Out

Being on Family Vacation is a time to leave the kitchen behind and eat out. There are countless amazing places to go out to eat and drink in Maui, meaning you never have to visit the same place twice – unless you want to!

From authentic local food to high-end fine dining, there is a restaurant for every taste and every budget. 

The seafood on Maui is undoubtedly one of the cuisine highlights, but there is so much more to choose from, with an abundance of vegetarian and vegan options also available.

Something for Everyone

One of the very best parts of choosing Maui as your next holiday destination is that there will always be something for everyone in your family to enjoy.

With such a wide range of places to visit and activities to do, there is no need for anyone to compromise on what they enjoy!

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