Every Question Keeping You From Hiring A Wedding Planner Answered


Before you get into planning your wedding, let me clear the air by telling you that not everything that’s shown in the movies and on the TV is not true. That’s not real life. Planning a wedding is not a piece of cake and there are no shortcuts in it.

It is a common misconception that hiring a vendor to plan your wedding doesn’t need to be considered and is optional. Until recently I too was under the misconception that hiring a wedding planner means that the wedding will be really grand and luxurious, but let me tell you that it is far from reality.

There are many budget wedding planners in Pune who can really help you set up literally everything that’ll make your wedding really great. I bet that once you start looking into the various wedding planners you’ll realize that they are not that expensive, and once you find the one who is perfect to plan your wedding, he or she will surely worth every penny.

I have interviewed various couples in the past and every time there are many common situations that keep them from hiring a planner. Mostly the reasons are some unanswered questions in the minds of the couples which makes them feel like hiring a person to plan out the event is not their cup of tea.

So, in order to clear the air, let’s discuss these common “questions” that might be buzzing in your minds too.

“Wedding Planners Are Expensive And I Am On Tight Budget”

Everyone is on the budget when planning a wedding, and yes… they too are on a ‘tight budget’. And you know what, if you hire a wedding planner you’ll have someone who can really help you out with that budget. No couple knows what exactly they need or don’t need for the wedding and end up wasting their money at the things that they have probably done well without. A planner can really help in pointing in the right direction and help to spend money wisely.

“I Want My Wedding Planned On My Own Terms”

Of course, you should…!!! And wedding planners, not in any way, will take it away from you. The easiest way to understand the work of an event planner is that they provide an extra hand at your wedding and they just know things and can pull a few strings here and there. You don’t need to worry as you can manage all the fun parts of wedding planning while all the stressful and annoying parts can be dealt with by them.

“I Want to Execute Things in My Own Way and a Wedding planner Will Get In The Way Of It”

Having a predetermined vision to plan the wedding is something that makes it important for you to hire someone who can help out. You can discuss your vision with the wedding planner and their experience of managing various weddings will help out to make your vision a reality. With your vision and the experience of a planner your wedding will surely be epic, however, you must remember that taking into consideration the vision of your fiancé is also very important.

“I Want to DIY My Wedding So I’m Better off without the Help of Any Planner”

Having a wedding planner won’t compromise on the joy of doing the wedding-related task but will also add to the fun. You can spend more time with your friends and family members DIYing the small details of your wedding knowing that there is someone who is working on other aspects of your wedding and your planning won’t deviate from its schedule.

“My Friend/Family Member Has Arranged Other Weddings And Will Help Me Out”

Okay, so you have someone who knows how to manage things? But think about it that if they are that close to you, won’t they want to have fun at your wedding instead of looking after the various details on the day of your marriage? Sure, you can always take their suggestions but having a family member or a friend arranging your whole wedding is definitely a no-no. I don’t think that you too will want them to sit on the sidelines making sure everything is fine while others will be enjoying the wedding.

“I Simply Can’t Afford A Wedding Planner”

Okay, so you have given it a thought and still, think that you can’t squeeze in a wedding planner in your budget? You don’t need to worry as there are various event planners who provide a host of different packages from which you can choose one that’s affordable enough. You can go ahead and book a venue and some other vendors yourself and can hire a planner just to take care of the logistics.

Okay so now that all these questions are answered is there any more reason that’s keeping you from hiring a wedding planner? I definitely think there must be none. So go ahead and find someone who is perfect for you and have an awesome wedding.

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