7 Things You Must Know Before Visiting The Mall Of America

Mall Of America

Built around a giant, 7 acres amusement park, The Mall Of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, is the largest mall of the United States. Exploring this gigantic mall is something that could take a few days to do. Even if you spend just 10 minutes in each of the 500 plus stores present in this mall in the US, you would need more than 84 hours to see them all! 

With numerous outlets, eating establishments, two connected hotels, a 1.3 million gallon aquarium, and the country’s biggest amusement park, the mall attracts thousands of visitors. If you are also planning to visit there but don’t know how to conquer this amazing spot, here we are going to spill the beans. 

Read on what are the seven most important things you must know before visiting this American mall-

Try To Arrive Early 

The early bird gets the worm! Arriving early in the Mall of America helps you get a parking spot easily and a jump on the crowd. Moreover, there are tons of the best stores in the Mall Of America. And, the first floor has most of the popular stores that become extremely crowded in the afternoon. So, it’s better to save other stores on the second and third floor for later in the evening. Also, if you want to enjoy the rides at Nickelodeon Universe, make it your first priority. As your early visit turns into evening, the lines would get longer and longer. 

Buy A Coupon Book

If you ask one smart tip for visiting the Mall of America, it is, buy a coupon book. This coupon book worth $10 could save you hundreds! You can purchase it from the guest service desks or order it online in advance. This coupon book is updated annually and is good for one year. So, if you visit the mall earlier in the year, and plan to take another trip later in the year, the coupons are still valid. Consider handing it to your friend who is visiting later in the same year.

Prepare A List Of What You Want To Do First

As it would take considerable time to visit the entire Mall of America, it’s wise to plan how to get most out of your visit. If you organize the wish list beforehand, exploring the entire mall will be a piece of cake for you. On the other hand, if you miss out on any item in your wish list, retracing your path is a thousand times more work! To avoid any hassles, make a list of the things you want to do first while on your adventure.

You can use the mall of America store list directory where all the shopping, entertainment, and dining options are organized in alphabetical order. Besides, you can also use the locator to locate the mall via map and directions. From opening hours, contact details to customer reviews and ratings, you can find complete information about the store you wish to visit. This pro tip will help you craft a plan to visit the Mall of America.

You Won’t Be Paying Tax On Clothing Or Shoes

If you live in a place where everything from grocery to clothing is taxed, visiting the Mall of America is truly a haven for you! It offers tax exemption on clothing and shoes. Whether you plan to stock your wardrobe essentials for the next season, or you need a pair of stylish shoes, you can take anything back home, while enjoying the added savings. 

Keep Yourself Updated About The Special Events At The Mall

From Toddler Tuesday, Black Friday to appearances by the Minnesota Twins, the Mall of America hosts hundreds of events each year. Though the mall remains jam-packed during these events, they provide unique experiences, as well as the hottest deals to the visitors. 

Know The Parental Escort Policy

The Mall of America welcomes the kids of all ages. However, on weekend evenings (Friday and Saturday), or during the holiday shopping season, the authorities enforce a parental escort policy. This policy mandates that children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult of 21 or older from evening until the close.

Satiate Your Taste Buds With Exotic Eating Options

After you’ve explored the most popular malls and stores in America, it’s time to refresh yourself! From fine dining and fast food to American or Mexican cuisine, the choices are plentiful. However, the North Side and South Side Food Court are the two main areas to eat. Kokomo’s, Rainforest Cafe, Crave, etc. in the South Side are some of the favorite restaurants among the visitors. If you want a quick bite, head to the Shake Shack or Wahlburgers in the North Side.

The Mall of America is great to have fun for the first-timers. You may feel a bit tired or over-stimulated by the end of the day. But, the tax-free shopping experience, fun rides, and enthralling events are worth exploring. 

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