7 Fun Activities for Kids Over the Holidays

Fun Activities for Kids

When the kids are home from school over the holidays, it can be challenging to keep them occupied. Children get bored easily, and with the extra excitement that Christmas brings, they will have a lot of excess energy to expel. Here are seven fun activities to do with the kids to keep them engaged during Christmas time. 

1: Visit the Local Park 

A great way of getting fresh air and some exercise, a trip to the local park is an easy way of tiring any kid out. They can play on the slides, swings, and maybe even make friends with other kids there. Take a flask full of coffee and watch your kid run about, knowing they will be tucked up in bed not long after you get home. 

2: Arts and Crafts 

Holiday-themed arts and crafts provide a great activity for both you and your child! Get out the coloring pencils, paints, cardboard, and whatever else lives in your craft box, and start creating some Christmas decorations. Use some Christmas Stencils to make your pieces look really professional, and once you’ve completed, take some time placing your creations around your home. 

3: Visit Santa 

Give your kid an exciting memory that they will cherish forever by taking them to meet Santa Claus! Look around to see where Santa will be in your local town and schedule a trip. Your child will have a great time sitting on his knee and telling him all the wonderful presents they are hoping for! Afterward, go for a hot chocolate and talk about the gifts Santa might bring this year. 

4: Bake Christmas Themed Sugar Cookies

Stay warm by getting messy in the kitchen while baking some Christmas themed sugar cookies. Not only will you both enjoy the time it takes to create them, but you’ll also have the eating part to look forward to! 

5: A Christmas Movie Marathon 

Nothing gets you in the spirit of Christmas quite like a holiday-themed movie marathon. Get in your pajamas, get the popcorn out, and snuggle up while watching your favorite Christmas films. Some of the best choices for kids are: 

  • Home Alone
  • Elf
  • The Grinch
  • Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer 
  • Frozen (just be warned of the singing that will follow!)

6: Build a Snowman

If you are lucky enough to live in an area that snows during the holiday season, then take the opportunity to build a snowman together. If you like, you could even make it a fun competition and build one each! Remember to get a carrot for the nose and plenty of hot chocolate once you are finished. 

7: Write a Letter to Santa

Get some pens and paper out and sit your kid down to write a letter to Santa. Tell them to include all the good things they’ve done this year, everything they are hoping for, and a thank you to Santa and the elves for working so hard all year. Send it off to a place that will send a letter back for even more excitement!

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