7 Best Valentine Flowers Other than Roses to Say “I Love You” Beautifully!!

7 Best Valentine Flowers Other than Roses to Say “I Love You” Beautifully!!

“There is much more to love in the language of flowers than the genus rosa!”

The above line depicts that the Roses are indeed the best flowers that can carry every sort of feeling and emotions amazingly in a perfect manner. They are known to be the most prominent and the simplest way to pour the heart out if you are confused that what will be the best-suited option to ask your date out. 

With winters coming to end, everyone might be eagerly waiting for the most romantic day of the year to come. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about Valentine’s Day- The day to celebrate love and the lovers! And, you must have started preparing for the date to be extra awesome and amazing. With hands-on the roses for Valentine, thoughtful gifts, best venue and of course the best cloths put on; don’t you feel something is missing? Roses are indeed the best and the most romantic flowers in the world, but they are not the only flowers that can make the best out of 14th Feb. 

Here, a compiled list is given that will take you to the world of floral beauties and will make you grab the best and uncommon flower to celebrate the love in your heart. So, let us get done with the job quickly by exploring the list: 

 1. Tulips 

Like roses, the tulip is also a kind of flower that has a plethora of color varieties that will help the one who is looking for a perfect sort of Valentine gift to pair hearty feelings with. From the bright yellow to the pink and many other hues and shades, tulips are being used as a symbol of love from ancient times and have a rich history. Now, talking about the aptest color to express love, the red tulips symbolize the sentiments of promise with love and the purple one can be preferred to write the eternal love stories. 

2. Carnations

Being one of the most prominent and popular Valentine’s flower from time immemorial, Carnations are no less than charismatic than the roses. Again, talking about the shades and the colors, the mentioned flower is also available in varieties of colors making it easier for the lovers to express their hearty emotions and feelings. From the red one to the pink and yellow, every shade will perfectly embellish your Valentine Week. 

3. Sunflowers 

Everyone loves the sun after the clouds. If your relationship is going through ups and downs, then this Valentine, sort every misunderstanding out with the charming and big stems of bright and sunny sunflowers. A bouquet of sunflowers will surely help you in building the best Valentine’s memories for sure. 

4. Azalea

Azalea is a flower that is not so common for Valentine’s purpose but can be one of the romantic flowers for Valentine for sure as they represent the feelings and sentiments depicting “tale care of yourself for me” to the very dear person of yours who is residing far away from you. 

5. Orchids 

Now, from such amazing aisles of flowers, drag yourself to the orchids. They are known to symbolize masculine love. Also, if you are searching for some uncommon and new shades to ginger up your bouquet, then there could be no option better than the beautiful and vibrant Orchids. 

6. Daisies 

Daisies are among one of the most common flowers that many of you must be having in your flower pots and vases. But, do you have any idea that they are the best carriers of feelings of love as well? Red daisies can be used to say ‘I admire you”, “I like you” and “thank you” when included in the colorful bouquet for Valentine’s Day. 

7. Lilies 

Now, jumping to the lilies, it again becomes important to mention that this category of flowers again comes in a myriad of shades ranging from pink, red, orange to mix colored as well that will make your bouquet looks more elegant and pretty. So, just grab a floral arrangement with gorgeous lilies and be the reason for the wider smile on the face of your sweetheart.

Every option mentioned above is the one that will leave no chance in making your Valentine’s Day special and worth remembering. So don’t limit your love to the Roses and keep exploring the varieties of colorful and vibrant blooms to express your love. Now, if you are confused about where you can find such great flower choices, then GifatLove.com can be the ultimate for you to explore. This online store offers a great range of flowers and gifts for the users to ginger up their celebration and also makes the task of sending gifts online an easier one. So, buy Valentine gifts online and spread love. 

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