What makes Tungsten Rings Favorite This Valentine’s Day?

tungsten rings

Metals and the advancing civilization have an interesting story to share as their interplay has produced marvels. Some metals found accolades for their brilliant contribution to developing structures and some grew famous for their ornamental qualities. Gold, silver, and platinum belong to the latter class. Their contributions in adorning human achievements, from giant structures to the tiniest jewelry piece are remarkable. As the latest addition, tungsten is getting nods in this sector, primarily, as a jewelry piece. And, the rings are really grabbing eyes. So, why don’t you give tungsten rings to your love on Valentine’s Day?

It is a day of extraordinary significance. Your partner has a particular place in your life and you would definitely look for unique gifts. Some would opt for precious ones and gold and platinum can fill in that criteria. But precious does not have to mean expensive. Plus, if you have a limited budget, then gold and platinum are not the right choices.

You are probably looking for a way to express your feelings and innately, you know it has to be unique. It should be something that can make him or her stand out in the crowd. That is why choosing something that many would not think of can be a good option. With tungsten jewelry creating a ripple in the jewelry market, this can be the gift you were looking for long.


So, what should you consider before buying tungsten jewelry?

Quite a few points would go in favor of tungsten jewelry. If you are planning on opting for tungsten jewelry, you can consider these.

· It is scratch-resistant

Tungsten jewelry is known to be scratch-resistant. This is primarily due to the high level of hardness. Moh’s reading reveals a number of 7.5 for tungsten. Its melting point is quite remarkable, the best-in-class. Watchmakers started using it long back, then its features gave it recognition and now, it is slowly permeating across diverse styles. Its scratch-resistant properties could be symbolic in terms of your love. No one wants to hit rough patches, right?

· It can be decked up

If you are not happy with just the tungsten ring or other pieces of jewelry, you can always enhance its look with other pieces of gems like a diamond. The gunpowder like the color as a base would give the stones an unprecedented look.

· Create contrast

You can always create a contrast in color. Thinking of black diamonds? Just imagine how good they will look with a gunpowder color background. Tungsten rings are also available in different colors like white, black, and gold variations. So, you will have a lot of options. On the other hand, if you are into inlays, then tungsten can be a good choice. Its metal finish is quite alluring. If you add wood finish or some other designs, the look would be astonishing. You just have to know your significant other’s taste.

· You can always add a different metal

Creating contrast with a different metal can be a good thing. You can always perk up tungsten’s look by jamming it up with other shiny metals. For instance, why don’t you do that using rose gold?

· Removing is easy

Sometimes, in cases of emergency, removing a ring becomes essential. Tungsten rings are easy to remove.

· It is hypoallergenic

Some people are very much sensitive to metals. You have to be extra careful there while gifting something. Tungsten is a safe choice as it is hypoallergenic. However, you have to be careful about what the ring is coming. If that is nickel, then it is okay. But some come with cobalt, that can be a concern.

But keep the flaws in mind as well

Tungsten has a few drawbacks. These you have to keep in mind as well.

· It can break

Tungsten is one of the hardest but that does not mean it is unbreakable. If the pressure applied to it, it could break. That is why buying it from the best is necessary. It can have cracks and it cannot be re-mold like gold. Some of the top brands are offering excellent opportunities. If you take the broken pieces to them, they will replace it.

· No resizing

Resizing is not possible. Tungsten cannot be molded. That is why if your finger outgrows the ring, you have to replace it. Some top brands are offering a replacement but you should better keep this in mind. However, in the case of earrings and pendants, this is not going to be a problem.

Since David Beckham, a lot of famous personalities have started sporting tungsten jewelry. Your love would definitely want to sport one. But before buying, definitely check the certification. This is to be aware of genuineness and quality. 

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