Top Questions to Ask When Hiring a Plumber

Hiring a Plumber

Home installations or repairs that involve your plumbing system are best left to the hands of professionals. It’s so easy to make costly mistakes when you are not familiar with how plumbing works in your home. A study shows that as much as 30% of emergency calls that plumbers receive come from DIYers who cannot complete the job. You can save a lot of money and time if you partner with a reputable plumbing company. 

However, how does one know which plumbing company to hire? With plenty of options out there, you will surely have a hard time finding the right residential plumbing team to work with. Here are the top 5 questions to ask when looking for a trustworthy plumber.

Do you have the license to operate? 

Asking this question is very important because there are still companies that operate without a license. Licensed plumbing contractors have undergone and completed years of special education and training. That makes them highly capable of providing better services and protecting your home against water and plumbing accidents. 

Another benefit of hiring a licensed plumbing team is that they provide services within the standards and codes set by the local government. Thus, there’s nothing you have to worry about during the final inspection of your home. 

Are you fully equipped?

Being complete with all essential tools and equipment allows contractors to get the plumbing job done fast and efficiently.  Ask the company you are considering the improvements they have made over the years when it comes to their plumbing methods and procedures. Those companies that are using modern, top-grade tools and equipment are worth hiring for your residential plumbing project. 

What are your service specializations?

Not all plumbing companies can perform the specific plumbing needs of your property. So, don’t forget to include in your interview questions the list of plumbing services that a company offers. If you are working on improving your bathroom plumbing, hire a plumber who has already spent years performing such a service. You can always check the business pages of the plumbing companies you are considering online.

Do you offer a warranty for material or labor?

Getting a warranty for material or labor means you don’t have to worry about any issues that may occur later on. The company will handle the repairs or adjustments for you. 

This is very helpful, especially if you have little money to spend on home emergencies. However, for a warranty to remain valid, you should avoid performing DIY repairs or hiring the service of inexperienced amateurs. 

Can you provide an estimate of the total project cost?

Getting a project estimate can help you set the right budget for your plumbing upgrade at home. Accept as many bids as possible from plumbing contractors, so you have plenty to choose from. Focus on finding a team that can offer you a great service at an affordable price. 

Investing in quality plumbing in your residential property will get you highly beneficial returns. If you have plans of selling your house in the future, high-efficiency plumbing will help you sell your property twice or thrice easier and at a price favorable to you. Are you ready to hire a plumber? Start your search today by getting the list of plumbing companies operating in your area. Make inquiries today!

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