How VPS can help you grow your business


Just like in shared hosting, VPS servers too employ hosting multiple websites on a single server. But in VPS hosting the websites are hosted in a way that is completely different to that of shared hosting. Each and every physical server in a VPS hosts multiple virtual private servers. Each of these virtual servers are enabled with their own space and set of resources. The websites are hosted on these individual servers without interfering with one another.  

VPS hosting has a wide range of benefits that no other server type can offer. It is also most suited for websites that have a good potential to grow. The advantages VPS hosting offers are inclined in a way to help your business grow. Let us look at how VPS promotes growth of your business.

Resources being offered

Having separate virtual servers means that you do not need to share resources like in the case of shared hosting. Your website gets its own space, RAM and bandwidth. Other users’ websites are not going to come in the way of growing your website. Since you get your own set of resources you also get enhanced performing websites. You can expect faster loading pages, reduced downtime and zero to little lag.


Among the many factors that help VPS boost your business, flexibility is an important one. In a shared server, you cannot dictate how much RAM, bandwidth or storage space you receive since you will be sharing your resources with other users as well. This is where VPS differs. When you use VPS, you get to decide how much space, bandwidth and other resources you need. You will be aware of the softwares that will boost your website and you get to choose those. You can also opt out for any unnecessary resources that are not adding value to your website. This way you only have to pay for what you are actually going to use.


Scalability is one of the most admired features of VPS plans. When you own a website with immense potential for growth, you are going to experience fluctuating levels of web traffic. You may start to experience heavier than usual web traffic after a promotional event. You will not be able to switch to a dedicated server overnight. For such scenarios, VPS can be highly useful. VPS lets you upscale your resources at the tip of your fingers. You can easily go to having higher bandwidth and storage space without breaking a sweat. VPS servers ensure that you don’t let issues such as fluctuating traffic come in the way of growing your business.


One of the major issues faced with shared servers is that you face security threats from other websites on your server. As an owner of a growing business, you need a safe and secure website. Having an infected website can affect the devices of the visitors that approach your page. Visitors will be reluctant to visit a site possessing malicious threat and this can result in you losing customers. Having your own individual private server means that other users’ websites are not going to influence the security of yours. VPS hence provides a more secure platform for your website.

Value for money

VPS hosting gives you your own virtual server and set of resources, and yet you don’t have to pay nearly as much as a dedicated server. In other words, even though you get a lot of benefits that dedicated servers offer it costs you far less for a VPS hosting plan. The flexibility of VPS also ensures you don’t need to pay for anything that is unnecessary i.e you only pay for resources that you will actually need and use. In this sense, VPS offers great value for price.

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