How to Write Good Marketing Emails

Write Good Marketing Emails

The art of marketing email can be a tricky one. There are many points to consider, from your subject line to the actual content of your email, to how you sign off. Here are a few tips for writing a good email copy that will increase engagement and get you conversions.

Have a strong subject line

The first point to make sure you get right in any marketing email is the subject line. A good subject line will be enticing, yet informative and clear. Though it’s important to be attention-grabbing, there is no point being misleading or unclear as although this may get customers to open your email, they will then be disappointed with the content and click off. Remember, the aim is not simply to have your email opened, it is to have it read and engaged with. Make sure you deliver on what is promised in your subject line. 


Personalization is key in email marketing. Addressing your customers by name can help to foster a more personal-feeling relationship between you and your customer, helping to establish customer loyalty and brand familiarity. You can also send personalized birthday emails with special offers. However, only venture into personal emails if you are certain the information you have on your customers is accurate. Using outdated or wrong information when communicating with a customer could land your email in their spam folder. Lead Lists Australian email address list can help you to check the accuracy of the customer information you have on record to avoid any mix-ups. 

Don’t use all-caps or multiple exclamation marks

Don’t shout at your readers. Although using all-caps or lots of exclamation marks can be tempting to promote a product or service, or to share some exciting news about your business, it can look a little aggressive and spam-like. Make sure to communicate a calm and clear way and use emphasis sparingly rather than constantly. This will ultimately have more impact and get your point across more effectively. 

Write for your audience

Make sure you are writing for your audience. As a business owner, it’s vital that you know who your clientele are. How old are they? What gender are they? Where are they from? All of this information could help to inform the content of your emails and your writing style. For example, if you are writing for a middle-aged audience, it may be best to avoid using emojis or slang. However, if you’re writing for a young audience, this could be a great way of increasing engagement.

Keep it short and sweet

These days, we all have a bit of a short attention span. This is especially the case when it comes to marketing materials. Many of us do not want to waste time reading a long, dull email from a brand. Therefore, it’s important to keep your emails short, sweet, and informative. Try to sum up what you’re trying to communicate in just a few short lines or paragraphs. Include a few pictures to break up the text and increase readability. 

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