How to Reduce Aches and Pains in Your Muscles

Pains in Your Muscles

When your body lets you down and prevents you from doing something, it can be massively disheartening. Aches and pains in your body can mean you’re unable to continue a hobby like running, it can stop you from being able to lift heavy objects, or it can even make it difficult to get out of a chair. With that in mind, here are some ways you can try and reduce any aches and pains you may experience.

Stretch out those problem muscles

If any muscles or joints are feeling particularly tight or painful, it might seem like stretching would be the worst thing to do. In fact, stretching can often be the best way of reducing pain in those problem areas. 

Before you begin any stretching, it’s important you get help from a professional to properly assess the injury and suggest the best exercises to improve the area. If you don’t consult medical advice first, the exercises you are carrying out could in fact be making the injury worse. 

For example, assisted stretching specialists Stretch Affect have published many helpful articles on their website, including one listing the Best Stretches for Shoulder Pain Relief that you can try at home. You might think the best way to strengthen these muscles is to attempt to lift heavy weights, but in fact it is better to regularly perform small stretches like neck releases, chest expansions, and shoulder circles. 

Prevent the pain from happening in the first place 

Once you’ve thought about how to reduce the pain you’re feeling, it’s important to think about what you can do to reduce the chance of that pain reoccurring or getting worse. A big cause of pains like these is bad posture. 

If you’re sat in front of a computer all day, you could find that your neck and spine Spend a lot of time positioned in a way that is not good for the muscles surrounding those bones. If you find you’re regularly bent over your laptop or keyboard, alter your desk so your spine remains as straight as possible. Purchase a chair that will support your back and increase the height of your keyboard. This can be done by simply putting your keyboard on top of some books. Just make sure any structure is solid and doesn’t wobble as you type. 

Warm down

After a high-intensity workout, it’s important to warm down. Many people will warm up to make sure their body is well stretched to reduce the chance of pulling a muscle during a workout. The only problem is many people either don’t leave enough time for a warm down or are simply too exhausted to complete one after a busy session. Without a warm down, you’re increasing the chance of waking up with sore muscles the next day, and it could even end up causing a serious injury once you’ve left the gym. If you’ve had a really intense workout, consider taking an ice bath to help the muscles recover quickly.

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