5 Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Deck Stain

Solid Deck Stain

When you are choosing the right deck for your home there are a few things you need to know. It is quite obvious that it has been a lot of time and you need to get a proper stain on your deck. Hence, there is a lot of different stains such as transparent, semi-solid and solid stains. 

Here are the best expert tips you can follow so that you can get the best deck stains.

Opacity is the key 

When it comes to finding the best solid deck stain 2019, opacity is the degree of where you see the natural quality of the wood. The stain needs to be clear and there shouldn’t be any color added. 

  • The stain which is translucent shouldn’t make the grain and texture unclear. It needs to have the slightest tone. 
  • The semitransparent stain allows the most of grain and texture with a little bit more color. 
  • The semi-solid stain has deeper shades and it has the ability to cover the most imperfections which are on the wood. 
  • The solid stain is the one that offers the greatest color depth. It covers almost all of the major imperfections and it allows the wood texture to peek a little bit.  

You can also check the forecast of the wood. The wood stain will not stick to the damp wood so therefore to prevent the cracking, check the forecast, and make sure there are at least two days of dry weather. You can stain in the direct sunlight but that will be a problem. The wood needs to absorb the stain and you need to make sure that happens. 

Which color of the solid deck stain?

When you are considering the color you have to make sure it is of the same shade as your home’s trim. This will be the most proper technique and this will stand out against the main field. The color should be such that it should highlight the deck’s architecture.

If you want a monochromatic look, then you can use a similar shade and the house’s primary color can be matching. But you can go for some good choices that will make your dining area or your fireplace highlighted. You have a huge spectrum of colors to choose from and thus this is one of the things you need to keep in mind while choosing the best solid deck stain 2019.

Wood Type matters

The wood type matters and this is by far the most common choice for good deck stains. The more expensive the woods, the gorgeous the deck stains are going to be. You have mahogany and ipe. There are translucent and semi-transparent stains on the wood. The softer and less expensive of the types and they have the semi-solid and solid stains do well. There is another alternative to this and that is the composite decking. The composite decks need a little bit of protection and this will help from color fading too. 

Narrowing the scope

When you are not ready to go big, you can do it by repainting or staining the wood outdoor chairs and the tables. You can do this by revitalizing the wood tones and making the color pop in your home. You can stain the deck by doing the handrails and banisters only. You can consider the using of the combination of the stains so as to designate where only one section of the deck begins and the section ends.

Audition of the stains

When you purchase any other things for your home, you do try on the right? Hence, it is better to audition your stains.  You can turn all the inspiration into reality. You can have a few samples tried on and then you can see every step from the preparation to finish. You get a pint-sized sample of solid stains and this is available in Benjamin Moore colors. 

For any aging deck which also has the splintered wood, it is better to have a solid stain on it. You can also prep the surface. Just make sure it is free of dirt and stains so that the stain is sticking on the wood properly. 


Before concluding, we would like to add that it is better for you to use synthetic brushes. They are ideal for working in a water-based stain into the wood.  When you use the natural bristles they somewhat lose their rigidity. They go limp and won’t let the stain adhere to the wood properly. You can also match the stain type to your kind of wood. Always remember that you can use a solid stain over any kind of wood. Thus, to get the best solid deck stain 2019, you can apply thin coats on this. This will give a uniform finish and no missed spots. In addition to this, check the ratings of the place you are purchasing it from. 

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