5 Easy Tips to Get More Facebook Likes and Followers

Facebook Likes

With most people doing their shopping online nowadays, there’s a need for you to ensure that your business has an online presence. One way of increasing sales on your Facebook page is by boosting the number of your Facebook likes and followers. Below are some easy hacks that will help you get more likes and followers.

1. Engage with your audience

This involves not only answering their questions about delivery time but also building friendly relationships. You can achieve this by not being too professional and cordially responding to their posts to the extent that they feel like they are chatting with a friend. That way, you are going to win their hearts, and they will want to engage with your brand. They may also influence their friends to like and follow your page too.

2. Get customers to tag you

If a customer accepts email marketing, you can send them an email once you have delivered a product asking them to tag you on their photos when they upload them. Sharing your products on Facebook by your customers and having them tag you will help increase your online visibility and can earn you more followers and likes.

3. Get other Facebook pages to tag you

Aim at getting shout outs from major Facebook pages. You can do this by researching brands that feature other brands on social media frequently. Choose a brand that has the same type of audience as yours or one that you are related in a way. After that, post a picture with your product together with that of the other brand. By doing that, they will be coaxed to share your post on their page, and their followers may end up following you.

4. Go live on Facebook

If you are starting up a Facebook store, you can do a live video asking your friends to like your page. Alternatively, if you have added a new product on your page, you can showcase it to your audience on a live video. You can communicate with your customers and followers on when the live stream will be. That way, they can tune in, and this will increase the number of viewers on the Facebook live map, making you show up higher on the feed.

5. Buy Facebook likes

Unlike other ways of acquiring Facebook likes and followers, which require you to put in a lot more effort, when you buy Facebook page likes you reduce the hustle that comes with that. You only need to buy Facebook likes that are within your budget to get started.

Whether you are starting up a business or you already have one, you cannot afford to ignore the power of Facebook when searching for customers. Getting people to follow or like your page can go a long way in increasing your sales. Whether you decide to buy Facebook likes or use other ways of getting likes, ensure that you have a good number of them.

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