3 Ways to Create Your Very Own Driving Side Hustle

Side Hustle

The job market has seen some drastic changes, especially in recent times. There have been mass redundancies, for many people worldwide, especially in the traditional retail sector, and millions more have seen their hours cut to a fraction of what they used to be. As a result, many people have found that they require either a side hustle to boost their current earnings, a paying hobby, or a complete change of career direction.

So what are your options?

Although there are many different choices available, some will require complete retraining, which could involve a college or university course (which could be costly and take time). Others, like an apprenticeship or similar on the job training, could see your earnings greatly reduced at the start. 

Luckily, not all career changes or side hustles require this kind of start-up cost or preparation. There are many different options available for starting a business or a side hustle for next to nothing or for a relatively low start-up. So here are just a few ways you could make extra cash or change your career with the use of your car.

# 1 Parcel Delivery Driver.  

The first way of using your vehicle to earn some extra money is by delivering parcels for one of the major online retail companies. A simple Google search will show opportunities in your area, both as a paid employee or as a self-employed driver.

You may think that you’d need a van from this side hustle, but the reality is, if you are delivering less than 50-100 or so packages a day, you won’t need much more than the boot of your car.

# 2 App-Based Food Delivery. 

Next, we have another source which is in high demand – delivering take-out food. As more people are less willing to venture out, and restaurants are not able to open other than to serve take-outs, customers are having their food delivered to them. This is a trend that is not expected to change once the current crisis has passed.

This sector is already widely populated with taxi drivers who, in response to their falling passenger numbers, have taken to making food deliveries instead, as this option can be covered for free with some providers. You can read more about getting cover for fast food delivery with your motor and taxi insurance here. 

 #3 Helping people move. 

Finally, you can use your car to help people move. Not everyone needs a van in order to move, or afford to pay to hire a huge van that they don’t really need. This service would be very beneficial to a student moving to or from a university or college campus or a shared property, or a relocating worker on a temporary work placement. 

Another bonus is that there is unlikely to be heavy lifting, as this type of move is usually to a furnished rental, so the bulk of what you will be moving will be mostly lifestyle items and clothing.

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