Why Hampta Pass is the perfect trek for your first Himalayan trek?

Hampta Pass trek

Trekking is not just surging a mountain, it’s a modest way of finding the meaning of your existence. If you are an amateur in the field of trekking the Himalayan ranges, Hampta Pass serves as a  perfect maiden trekking expedition to unveil your love for the mountains. 

One of the most established and prominent treks of Himachal is the Hampta Pass trek. It stands at a height of 14,000 feet above mean sea level. The total trek length varies approximately 26 kilometers and demands a duration of 5 days from Manali in order to cease the trek. One of the most striking features that tempt the trekkers to scale this pass is the accumulation of snow throughout the journey. The difficulty level of the Hampta Pass trek varies from easy to moderate. It has a comprehensive composition of easy and difficult trails. Hampta Pass is a well-liked trek in Himachal and is understood for its diverse trek route meandering through the exciting views of snowy peaks, lush inexperienced depression, and cascading watercourse streams. No wonder Hampta Pass trek is one amongst the foremost profitable trek in Himachal.

 Hampta Pass trek commences from Jobra valley which is a 2-hour drive from Manali. Jobra Valley takes you to an elevation of 9,800 ft. Further, we begin our trek to Chika which is at an altitude of 10,100 ft. The complete trail from Jobra to Chika will take you to a whole another level of ecstasy. The green meadows along with bundles of flora will disseminate you to another world. You will come across mules and sheep grazing the meadows in a haphazard manner while the shepherds trying hard to align them in a straight line. The serene streams carrying frozen water and the massive rocks accompanying them will be a view that you will never forget in your life. Half an hour into the trek, you will find an assorted wilderness of maple, pine and silver birch trees. Traversing through the trail, you will finally enter Chika campsite. Chika campsite is one of the prettiest campsites in the Himalayas. The picturesque setting from here is something to look out for. When it comes to photography, the views from this site is impeccable.

Glancing back in the vicinity will encounter you with the breath-taking views of the mighty Dhauladhar range. Following the further trail, you will find a tiny stream. Here, you can alleviate and replenish your water needs. The frozen icy cold water will provide a shivering feeling inside you. Now, you will have to pass the Rani Nallah which will surely be an adventure for you. Walking on the other side of the Nallah will take you to the Jwara Campsite. This place serves as an exceptional sight to watch the sunset. As the red ball of fire descends behind the snow-clad peaks in the vicinity, the entire meadow looks orange and turns grey at dusk.

Another few hours into the trek will advance you to the Balu ka Ghera campsite which stands at an elevation of 11,900 feet. This phase of the trek has a gradual ascent with a moderate level of difficulty. Numerous water bodies and tiny flora will keep welcoming you throughout the trail.

Passing Balu ka Ghera, we will make our way to the Siaguru campsite. This trail acts as the toughest and coldest niche of the trek. The most striking thing that will surprise you is that you won’t find flowing water in this region because of the freezing temperatures escorting the surrounding. From here, you can witness a few shepherds making their way back to Lahaul valley along with the herds of sheep they took out to graze in the morning. Wild and up-close views of not one, but two massive Himalayan peaks namely Indrasen peak and Deo Tibba will surely be a delightful view. With the neighboring mountains maintaining such a close watch over your trek, what entails is some truly exceptional and impressive views!

The final and ultimate step is a visit to Chandratal lake from Hampta Pass. Walking a duration of 5 hours from Siaguru will advance us to Chatru. Chatru has no vegetation as it is a cold barren land. A few hours of further trek from Chatru will advance you to the sheer blue Chandratal lake. The complete trail requires sure footing because of the slippery conditions prevailing in the trek. Trekking pole and ropes come handy here. After following the route, you will open up to the tranquil Chandratal lake. This place will surely refrain you from going back to the disturbed city life.

When the calling comes, the best thing is to listen to the beat of your heart. Surging a mountain is not an escape, it’s the way of living. You make way to scale a mountain summit, lose yourself, excavate yourself, get back home, recharge and get back to losing yourself again. It’s fun, the rush, that addiction of waking up early, contemplating the sunrise and lights bringing life into everything all around. The warmth you feel once the light comes in the life you see in front of you, it’s heartwarming. After all, that tiring walk to be able to rest your legs in the blanket of flowers so colorful, the taste of coffee in your lips and comfort of watching hiding ponds and hills. It’s never enough, these are the moments which make you realize there is always something happening out there in the wild and you don’t want to miss it.

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