What Does Online CMM Training Look Like?

What Does Online CMM Training Look Like?

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) are sophisticated pieces of equipment that played a central role in rescuing North America’s manufacturing sector in the 1970s from the growing competition unleashed by globalization. Today, this fantastic equipment has been refined and improved to perform at even higher levels.

CMM machines play a large role in automation because they can operate without a human employee, but often they work alongside them, too. A factory owner can’t just plug these machines into the wall, turn them on, and leave them to simply work on their own.

These machines are precise and reliable, but they work better when technicians are properly trained. Here’s what you can expect employees to find when they enroll in CMM training courses online.

E-Learning from Established Experts

When there isn’t a global pandemic going on, in-class sessions allow students to get hands-on experience using equipment they will encounter in the field, like an Equator, Bridge CMM, and ROMER Arm. Often, the best dealerships to buy from also teach metrology.

Many offered e-learning sessions before the pandemic and offer them still today as the safest way to learn about CMM machines and their software. Online sessions teach students about equipment and programs they’re likely to encounter in the field, like PC-DMIS Portable, PC-DMIS Levels ½, and MODUS for Renishaw Equator.

Expect quizzes and tests to ensure students have absorbed the material. There will also be summary sheets, labs, and quizzes from world-class instructors.

Convenience and Safety

E-learning modules are convenient because this series of instructional videos can be taken from anywhere. If you already work with metrology equipment and you just need to freshen up on the material, e-learning is perfect. Sometimes e-learning modules are used as a learning resource in case employees need to lean on some source material.

The course is interactive and easy for anybody with non-technical expertise to use. E-learning can be helpful for multiple purposes:

  • Optimize equipment use
  • Cross-train people within the same department
  • Reduce travel time and costs associated with personnel training
  • Provides direct access to CMM’s technical resources
  • Increases throughout

You’ll get a certificate upon completion to testify that you have absorbed all the necessary skills. The best-in-class teachers also offer the best e-learning modules, as many were revamped and improved when the pandemic made in-class learning impossible.

Employees want to make themselves more valuable, and managers are looking for new ways to improve the skills and training of their team. Whatever role you are currently playing, look to this type of training to get a step ahead and keep everything at the factory running smoothly.

The future is still uncertain, even as the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues. Automation doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, especially as manufacturers look for recovery after what has been a monumentally challenging year for everybody. Keep your team one step ahead by learning to work alongside CMM machines and find the best teachers in the industry.

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