4 Questions Homeowners Should Ask Solar Electricians Seattle Washington

Solar Electricians

The idea of installing a solar energy system in the home has been on your mind for some time. Given the fact that the systems are more affordable today than at any time in the past, you’re now at the point of talking with solar electricians Seattle Washington to find out what it would take to install a system. During those conversations, be sure to ask the following four questions. 

Do You Handle Residential as Well as Commercial Installations?

One of the first points to settle is whether the professional you’re speaking with would be interested in the type of project you have in mind. Some electricians focus primarily on the installation and upkeep of solar energy systems in a municipal or commercial setting. Others tend to seek out residential customers. There are some electricians who are happy to take on any of these projects. 

While much of the installation process is the same with any type of solar energy system, there are some factors that apply in a residential setting that may be slightly different from what’s needed in a commercial one. By asking this question, you pave the way for the questions that are to follow. 

What Type of Experience Do You Bring to the Table?

Having established that the electrician does take on projects like yours, it’s time to talk about how much experience the professional has with residential installations. The goal here is to ensure that this is something that the electrician has done often enough to install a sense of comfort in their familiarity with the basic process.

Keep in mind this is different from asking how long the electrician has been in business. The professional you’re speaking with may have put in years of solar energy system installation while working for someone else. While the business may only be a few years old, the range of experience stretches back a decade or more. It’s the latter that you want to focus on. 

How Do You Go About Determining What Sort of Solar Setup a Customer Needs?

You can learn a great deal about how things are done by asking this question. The response from any of the solar electricians Seattle Washington will likely begin with a full home assessment as well as consideration of the home’s typical energy consumption. That will pave the way for determining where each of the system components can be located to ensure maximum efficiency. 

Remember what works for someone who owns a town home may or may not be exactly what’s needed for a larger dwelling that’s located on a larger plat of land. For this reason, the electrician is likely to mention more than one layout that he or she has set up in the past. 

How Long Does the Average Residential Installation Take?

Several factors impact the amount of time it takes to set up a residential solar energy system. Tapping into the existing wiring, deciding where the panels will be placed, the number of panels to include, and even where to store the batteries all factor into the process. 

A general rule of thumb is to allow anywhere between one and three days for the installation to be complete. It may take longer depending on the complexity of the setup. The electrician will strive to provide an accurate estimate based on your particular situation. 

Remember that a home solar energy system helps reduce dependency on the grid while also providing an energy source when the main one is not available. Choose wisely and that system will serve you well for many years to come. 

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