How to Build Bigger Arms: Increase Biceps and Triceps Size

Build Bigger Arms

Having bigger chest muscles, abs, triceps, and biceps are what most people want. The problem is that not many are willing to put in the hard work to achieve all of these. If you are tired of seeing your t-shirt sleeves being blown by the wind every time, then it is time to work on your arms.

You might want to look as impressive as some of the famous bodybuilders you know. There is a significant amount of hard work behind that. It involves your workouts, diet, and even the manner in which you execute your workouts so that you hit your muscle fibers to trigger muscle growth. With a good workout routine, it is only a matter of weeks before you will increase the size of your biceps and triceps.

In this article, we give you some tips for building your muscles as well as giving you the best workouts you can do to target your arms specifically. Below is what you should do.

Consume enough protein

Protein is the nutrient responsible for muscle growth. Without enough protein in the body, no matter how hard you work at the gym, muscle growth will be at a minimal level. Ensure that every meal you eat has plenty of protein.

If you are training for muscle growth, the recommended daily intake for protein is between 1.4 and 2 grams of proteins per kg of body weight. Protein contains amino acids, which are responsible for the repair of damaged muscle tissue. This then triggers muscle growth. You can also use anabolic steroids from the Muscles Fax website to help complement your diet and workouts.

Eat more

There is no way you can have bigger arms if you are underweight. First, you have to increase your muscle mass by eating a lot. If not, you will gain nothing regardless of the number of bicep curls you hit. In order to gain weight, the number of calories consumed must be more than how many you burn in a day. If you are skinny, this means you have a fast metabolism, so you can go ahead and have four meals a day.

Increase your strength

Strength can be equated to size. The stronger you get, the more muscle mass you build. You can raise your squats to 140kg/300lb, your bench presses to 100kg/220lb, and the deadlifts to 180kg/400lb. Make sure you get adequate rest in between your workouts. Muscle growth occurs when your body is at rest. Getting enough rest also helps steer you away from possible injuries.

Exercises to do

The best exercise that works on your biceps is barbell rows. Here, you are holding the bar and pulling it in your direction. As you are doing the pulling, your arms hinge as if you are performing a bicep curl, but the results are much better because here, more muscles are engaged.

For the triceps, bench press and overhead press workouts are recommended. These two exercises are the exact opposite of barbell rows. Here, you straighten the arms as you press the weight away from your body. The workouts work like a skull crusher, but again, more muscles are involved here.

For the arms, deadlifts are the best workouts. Deadlifts work on the forearms. All you have to do is squeeze the bar hard while avoiding straps. You can consider combining deadlifts and squats for even better results. As you squat, your arms can squeeze the bar even harder, making them grow.

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