Entrepreneurs Guide- How Creating a Trustworthy Website Can Help Your Business Grow

Entrepreneurs Guide- How Creating a Trustworthy Website Can Help Your Business Grow

Why do people go online? To find information. The main purpose of every startup’s web page should be to provide crucial info to their prospects.

However, a good website will do so much more than that. But, it must be easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye, and most importantly, trustworthy.

If your website inspires trust, people won’t hesitate to go to you. There are two key ingredients to trust: reputation and security.


We all respond to things differently. For instance, Generation Z may be impressed by a company’s impressive Facebook or Twitter following. Baby Boomers are more impressed by years of experience.

But, everyone is impressed by awards. Know what impresses your targets. Let them know that you have it.

Customers Served

Everyone prefers to do business with someone who has experience. By telling your prospects how many customers you have, you are providing them with a bit of comfort. You’re letting them know you’ve served many people before them.

Many reputable websites highlight their most notable customers on their first page. It’s a good way of assuring visitors that you are a legitimate company. But, instead of just telling your visitors that “your company has served an x number of customers”, try to deliver the message more powerfully.

Use a creative synonym for customers. But, make sure to also include the fundamental idea behind your business. For example, if you are selling accounting software, you can say, “saving x number of companies over x dollars on accounting expenses”.

Free Trials

Free trials cost a bit extra to run, but the return on investment can be impressive. It’s also a way of telling clients that you give them your trust before you’ve earned theirs.

Users like trials because they eliminate risk. You’ll be offering them one reason more to try your product. A trial tells visitors that you have confidence in your products or services. If you are sure that they will like it, then you can also be sure that they’ll come back for more.


Sharing testimonials from happy customers is a sure way of building trust and earning clients. People appreciate seeing that other, genuine users recommend your services. Placing a testimonial or two near the bottom of the homepage ought to do the trick.

You can also attach a photo of your client to the testimonial. It adds a personal touch. If the testimonial is a tweet, even better! Then, you can include a link to the source.

It’s simple, doesn’t take much effort nor space, and yet, it tells visitors they can rely on you. They are more likely to do business with you when they know that there’s a real person behind the positive words about your company.

But, this is a double-edged sword. You’d want to make sure that visitors and websites have nice things to say about you elsewhere, and not just report the feedback only to you.

If you build a trustworthy, reliable brand and website, you can rest assured the good word will travel far. And, in some niches, it’s more important than in others.

For example, people who like games of chance want to be sure they can entrust a website with their money. Let’s say such a prospect would like to try out their luck at Casumo.

Chances are, they won’t just check out their website, but they will read a few casumo reviews before they start playing. You must consider testimonials on other websites as a part of your website.

You need them to entice prospects. Make sure the critics capture the right message about your business.


Visitors are more likely to use your services when they know your website is secure. Many prospects are aware that the internet is filled with scams and scammers. You’d want them to be safe and feel safe on your website.

Getting your Security Seal

You can start by getting an SSL Certificate. It’s a digital certificate that establishes the identity and authenticity of your business.

Once you have it, a seal will appear in your visitor’s address bar. It tells visitors that you are genuine and that they are dealing with you, and not an impostor. 


If you are running a brick and mortar store, you’d want to make things easier for your prospects and customers. When customers know that they can conveniently and reliably do business with you through your website, they’ll be more likely to do it!

Many people prefer that to drive to your shop, ask you in person for information and services, or browse through aisles to find what they’re looking for. Instead, they’ll go to the company that offers them the same online, without the hassle. Make sure you are that company and you’ll reap good results.


In the modern world, almost no business can survive without an online presence. The internet is your road to new customers. By learning how to navigate it, you will help your business grow.

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