Could Your Home Benefit from an Elevator?

Home Benefit from an Elevator

Maybe you’re a homeowner who sees elevators as a luxury and you didn’t see the immediate need for one. In other cases, people may have been ruminating on the idea for a while, but don’t know if the costs outweigh the benefits. Adding an elevator to your property can be beneficial for a number of reasons depending on how you use the property, its configuration, and the tenants. Here are a few reasons why your home could benefit from an elevator.

It Could Increase the Property’s Value

Elevators are one of those additions that are automatic winners with most buyers. If it’s relatively new, most people will appreciate having an elevator on their premises. On the other hand, very few will object to having one. 

However, you have to make sure that the unit is properly maintained for you to get the value-adding benefits. This is why you should consider having regular elevator inspections through services like ATIS any time you have the chance if you intend to install an elevator. Showing that the elevator was recently inspected will reassure prospective buyers and increase your chances of making a sale.

Great Accessibility

You might be feeling great now, but if you’re getting up there in age and you intend to stay in that house for a long time, then you should consider having an elevator installed. This will reduce the stress on your joints, allow you to preserve them, and make things easier for you in the future.

Also, consider the people in your entourage. Do you often have your in-laws or parents over? They’ll surely appreciate being able to get to their room without having to take the stairs. 

Makes the House More Convenient

People often don’t realize it, but many things could be done more efficiently around the house if you had an elevator. For instance, if you like to do some work on the house, having to move oddly-shaped equipment from the basement to the top floor can be annoying and sometimes close to impossible. Or, maybe you do a lot of cleaning and don’t want to have to bring a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs. On the other hand, maybe you simply don’t feel like taking a long flight of stairs at the end of the day. In this case, you could have an elevator that brings you straight up to your master bedroom for maximal convenience. These are all reasons why you’ll appreciate having an elevator.

They Can Maximize Space

Another great thing about elevators is that they take very little space. Their footprint is smaller than your average stairwell, so they allow you to make the most of the space that you have. These can be installed on the exterior of the house so that it’s flush with the rest of the building or built in a way that will open space that was previously unavailable or unusable.

As you can see, residential elevators have tons of things going for them and should be considered by any homeowner with multi-story home. Make sure that you look into those more in-depth, and know what to expect when having one of them installed.

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