5 Tips To Help In Streamlining The Steps In The Event-Planning Process

Event-Planning Process

Corporate events— an incredibly stressful and frustrating thing to plan even for the most seasoned pros. 

There will never be enough hours in a day and something can always go sideways. So, how can you streamline the event planning process and have a less stressful life? Here are 5 tips from Corptive Research

1. Start Early

You definitely know this:

Planning an event is such a monumental task. 

So, the more time you can nail down on every detail, the better. Start planning as early as possible. This should not only allow you to maintain your sanity, but it also gives you the advantage when booking for a venue, finding the right staff and putting out any annoying problems. 

2. Focusing on The Priority

Knowing you prioritize your efforts and time is a common tip for productivity. And the more focused you are on the right objectives, the more success you will see. And this is particularly true when planning an event. 

But wait, there are thousands of different things that you need to accomplish so that your event will be a success. So, where do you start?

Well, understand what the most important thing is and what deserves to be a priority can allow you to focus on the big wins and the things that really matter. 

So, first, determine what your overarching vision is. After that, prioritize your to-do list base on the important tasks and not just the urgent ones. Lastly, tackle every item on your list one step at a time. This very simple framework can ensure proper time management when planning and event. 

3. Following a Proven Process

Event planning is confusing. Fortunately, there are proven processes and templates that you can follow. 

It is a good thing that you are not the first person to an event and it certainly won’t be your last. You can look at the failures and successes of events that happened before in order to gain valuable insights. 

4. Delegate Smartly

5 Tips To Help In Streamlining The Steps In The Event-Planning Process

As mentioned before, event planning is a colossal task. And this is certainly why you should never attempt to do it all by yourself. Delegation is the key to hosting a successful event. 

Not only that, but it can also engage your team, making them feel more invested in their work and boosting their productivity and engagement which in turn reduces the company’s turnover. 

Just ensure that you delegate the right tasks to the right people, giving them clear expectations and guidelines. Also, allow them to work independently— delegation is not that useful if you are constantly watching over their shoulder.

Consider Hiring an Event Planning Partner

Sometimes the best way to make sure that your event is a success by partnering with an event company that specializes in helping companies host amazing events. 

And while most people think that even planning companies increase the cost, it can actually reduce them, or at least allowing you to work within the same budget, but with much less stress. 

5 Tips To Help In Streamlining The Steps In The Event-Planning Process

These event planners typically get exclusive rated from vendors which direct customers do not have access to. In addition, an event planning agency is very familiar with local venues and vendors, helping reduce or spot hidden fees. They also have a realistic idea of what can be done with the event space on your set budget. 

So, by hiring an expert, you will be able to find the whole event planning process much more enjoyable. 


These tips can act as a sort of event planning template and we encourage you that you implement these tips to your event planning workflow, ensuring that your next event is a successful one, with less hassle and headache. 

5 Tips To Help In Streamlining The Steps In The Event-Planning Process
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