5 Things to Include in Your Corporate Event Gift Bag

Corporate Event Gift Bag

There are many reasons to have a professional event, whether that’s to celebrate the launch of your new business, or a range of new products, or a training day for your staff, it’s always a good idea to give your guests something to remember your company by when they leave. This is why making up gift bags to hand out to attendees at the end of your event should include an extra touch. Here are 5 things that you should put in your gift bag to make the right statement.

1. Company Merchandise

It’s always good to put in something useful that your guests can have at home, but you also need to boost brand awareness. Coffee mugs with your logo or company tagline printed on them are a great example, or you can put in branded pens, mousepads, or coasters if these items work better with your budget. 

2. Free Samples

People love to get free samples, and these could be particularly useful to put in a gift bag for an event to launch new products. It’s an easy way to promote your new line, and they can even share these free samples with friends to spread the word even further and attract new customers. Even if you aren’t launching a new range of products, putting in customer favorites is still a good idea. It’s also useful if you are hosting an event for your staff as they get to try out the products they are meant to help sell!

3. Sweet Treats

Another lovely to-touch to corporate gift bag includes some tasty treats for your guests to enjoy when they get home! Mini bottles of champagne or prosecco are often crowd-pleasers, and for an added luxurious touch, why not try some of these corporate chocolate boxes from dallmannconfections.com? They will even put your company logo on the box to help you incorporate your brand in all aspects of your gift bag!

4. Discount Vouchers

As well as free samples, adding discount vouchers to your corporate gift bags is another great idea. It will help your guests feel like VIPs with access to exclusive discounts, allowing them to purchase their favorite products from you at great prices. These discounts are also likely to encourage them to buy more than they usually would to save money. 

5. Information 

While all of the above are great items to give to your event guests, you should also make sure that you’re including relevant information about your brand and what your company does. For example, if you are launching a new product line, and small sales catalog that they can use to order these products and find out more about them is key. Even a small leaflet talking about the ethos of your business and any important initiatives you want to share with your employees and customers could be included, as this will help to give your brand more personality and allow people to get to know your company better.

If you have a corporate event coming up, make sure that you’re preparing excellent gift bags for your attendees and include all of the above to make the best statement.

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