10 Go-To Websites For Beautiful Free Stock Images And More

Websites For Beautiful Free Stock Images

Running a website or a blog is easier when you have the right content to upload! If you are a blogger or even a small-scale business in San Deigo, not having strong content will bring you at a loss. You do not have to worry as of yet because we have the right solution for you.

Ever heard of free stock images? Well, Stock images are ones that anyone can use without worrying about copyright or stealing issues. These images are available online on certain websites. You can copy from there and utilize these images to decorate your websites and blogs. There are websites that charge for using their images, but some providers do not ask you for any royalty. They allow you to use their images for free!

These images are of high quality and do not appear out of focus or grainy. Free stock images are great because bloggers and other people who cannot do photography themselves or create images themselves can use these images for anything. Such images can be used in blog posts, guides, articles, videos, etc. We all know how important it is to add images to your content. It is not only to attract audiences’ attention, but it is also essential for search engine optimization.

One thing that we all must notice is their licenses. Though free stock images can be used free of cost, some might require attribution. Additionally, for using commercially, it is better to check with every free image libraries to see whether or not you can use the images for free.

Here are ten go-to websites that you can always visit for free stock images and more:


Pixabay is one of the most popular platforms for free image resources. The photos you will find here are stunning. The photography is amazing, and indeed, it is visually stimulating. If you are in search of attractive images, Pixabay is your place! The platform offers a wide range of images from food, fashion, education, technology, home, décor, party, and medicine, etc. You will find more than 1.6 million free stock images as well as videos. All of these are from Pixabay’s amazing and skilled community photographers.


Pexels features a good range of images from fashion and landscapes to sports and a lot more. You can also find abstract images. The amazing photographers who get features on Pexels are both amateurs and popular ones who are known for their exceptional work. Most of the images that you will see on Pexels are free, and you can use them for both commercial and personal uses.

IM Free

It is not just another platform for free stock images. IM Free is like a treasure of royalty-free resources. It allows you to make a button as well as a template for your website. This website is an amazing one when it comes to doing more than just finding free stock images. One of the main differences between IM Free and other websites is that their images are protected and that too under Third Party Intellectual Rights.


It is a famous website that features high-resolution pictures that are taken by Ryan McGuire, who is a founder of Bells Design. The first thing you want to know is that everything at this site is absolutely free for use under Creative Commons Zero. But the only thing he asks for is money for his, well that might sound surprising, coffee fund! According to Ryan, coffee is the ultimate source of this project’s success, and he gets all his energy from coffee, so yeah. Images are available for personal as well as commercial use.

Unsplash – Royalty-Free Images

Every ten days, the websites offer ten new royalty-free images for its users. Moreover, all pictures on this site are free to use under Creative Common License CC0. The website also features stunning projects that are created using these free images. Also, you can register yourself for their mailing list and get updates about new images and news.


Picspree is backed by one of the popular websites of images, Getty Images. The website offers a wide range of free stock and high-quality images that everyone can use for various purposes. With smooth downloading and easy searching, users are enabled to find what they need within minutes. The website is best for bloggers and small business owners who are in need of professional and stunning high-quality photography without the issue of licensing.

Death to the Stock Photo

If you compare this website with all the others, it has the best title among all. Moreover, if you are willing to sign up, you will get royalty-free high-quality images in your email each month. If this is not enough, premium accounts allow users to have access to all previous and future photographs along with monthly photos.


It is Shopify’s free stock photo library. There are thousands of stock images that you can find and use according to your needs. Even if you run an e-commerce website, personal blog, or a fashion website, you will find what you are looking for. The easy navigation of categories makes it more fun for users to discover each category of their preference.


GRALLIM.com was created considering the need for good quality and royalty-free images for bloggers, influencers, business owners, and writers. This site features a huge range of high definition images ad that too over various categories, including medicine, travel, food, animals, nature, etc. However, the site’s primary focus is workout images that display people actually working out using gym equipment and doing exercises.

All images are 100 percent free for use under Creative Commons License CC0. Additionally, you can sign up for their newsletter in order to get notified when they upload new images and photos.

Life of Pix

This is another member of the popular Creative Common Zero. Life of Pix is an amazing place to find high-resolution images and photos. They release new images almost every week. Moreover, these images and pictures are sources from Leeroy Advertising Agency that is located in Montreal and also all of the skilled photographers that are a part of this network.

These are the top ten websites that offer a vast collection of stock images that you can use to boost your San Deigo web design. These images can really help you boost the visual appeal of your blog or website.

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