What Types of Properties Were the Most Popular In 2021?


There has been a large shift from people wanting to flock to the large cities in search of the best-paid jobs and careers to now working remotely from home. This means that the demand for properties such as houses and single-story homes with gardens has grown while the demand for apartments, especially one-bedroom ones without gardens, has dropped considerably.

With universities offering good quality courses as online learning options, even the traditional student properties seem to have experienced lower demand than they have in recent years, due to the fact that even students do not necessarily have to live close to the university or college campus that they are enrolled with.

Multi bedroom houses 

With so many of the population now either having to work remotely or seeing it as a desirable step in their careers, there is now a much greater demand for space within the home that can be turned into or supplied as an office space.

This can be in the form of an extra bedroom or an area within the house on the ground floor if the house does not already have a specified study or office. Therefore, the demand for small and compact flats has dropped considerably for those looking to buy a property.

Bungalows and craftsman homes

There has always been a demand for these types of homes. With ample living space offered either on two floors in the case of some bungalows or on one floor with the option of extending upwards as well as outwards on a classic arts and crafts home, you can see the appeal. 

With the overall pressure for the elderly to stay independent and in their own homes for as long as possible, there is also the additional factor for those reaching retirement age and wanting to own a property without stairs so these will be more manageable in later life. 

When looking to buy a property, regardless of whether you are looking to downsize from your existing property or move to one with better prospects that will fit your future life, it is best to have an idea of what your price bracket is rather than guessing as well as knowing what sort of loan or mortgage is best for you. Therefore, using a business that will explain in plain terms all that is available to you, such as themoneyhub.co.uk, could make up part of your starting gameplan.

Rural locations or with access to gardens or greenspaces

There has been a real increase in property searches that include properties in rural locations or with access to gardens or green spaces. This is mainly due to the pandemic and being able to work away from the workplace. Being within commutable distance from the office in the city is nowhere near as important as it once was.

When it comes to having your own garden, there is not only an extra relaxing hobby for you, but also the potential to have a purpose-built garden office so that you do have to give up space within your home.

Having access to green outdoor space gives a healthier lifestyle, being able to exercise outdoors and without the fumes of vehicles on our all to busy roads that are nonstop in the cities and busy towns can make the countryside seem very appealing to many city dwellers wanting a change without having to lose out on the paycheck of the best city jobs.

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