What else can I wallpaper besides my walls?

wallpaper besides my walls

Wallpapers are known to cover walls and create a sumptuous look for your homes and commercial spaces. Commercial Wallcovering also brings out the elegance and artistic side of the owner, but aside from that, it can do more! Apart from just concealing and making your walls fancy, you can create something beautiful out of it. 

Whether it is for your bathroom, living room, or kitchen, it can be one of the most cost-efficient ways to make your space more attractive.

We have prepared a collection of other uses of wallpaper, and unique wallpaper ideas so that your scraps won’t go to waste. At the end of this article, you should be more excited to design your room and unleash something new that can bring new vibes and inspiration to others. 

10 Alternative uses of Wallpaper Covering

Are you ready to lighten up your room? Or have some corner of the house that will stand out and draw attention from your guest? Read along and be amazed!  

1. Styling your Fireplace

You would want to emphasize the charm of your Fireplace with your chosen wallpaper coverings. This helps if you are aiming to illuminate and have some ambiance while sipping wine on the weekend. You can use a printed (Geometric) wallpaper to oppose plain paint or wall covering for a more improved look. 

2. Wooden Chair covering

You can get in style and turn your vintage wooden chair using a bright and artistic wallpaper. Using a printed or plain, but most commonly used are that fabric style and vinyl wallcovering types as they are durable and easy to install. 

3. Stairs that stand out!

Embracing new styles for your stair riser is a fun way to accentuate your overall theme, whether it is for your homes or hotel. You can play with patterns and plain colors depending on your desired approach. Be sure to have a more minimalist design so people may not be distracted in stepping in. You can also try simple floral designs that will stand out and give elegance to your stairs.

4. Fancy Headboards

You could choose commercial wallpaper designs in creating a DIY headboard for each bed. It can be matched with a plain wallpaper on your wall and choose a textured design to level up the style of the room. Of course, it is suggested to get a style that contrasts the color of your paint and existing wallpaper in your background. It could also add up to a nice vibe and relaxing aura to your place and help you relax at night.

5. Dramatic Nightstands

Those little spaces from your drawers can be more classy and elegant using your commercial wallpaper scraps. It can give you a prettier look once you open it and after placing some organizer in it. It could also add a personal touch to your room and make it chicer. 

Wallpapers are also ideal if you would prefer to use it as a drawer/cabinet lining particularly for kitchen cabinets. Just cut some inches from your scraps and emphasize it by placing it to the sides that may be visible once you open and get something from your cabinets. 

6. Frames

Why not frame it and hang to your walls or place your tabletops along with your precious display to add elements in your living room or to your stair walls. Since you don’t want to waste that art and just throw it away, you can go ahead and select an excellent frame that can accentuate your wallpapers. Aesthetically designed per se. A simple print can also go a long way like florals and fabric styles.

7. Level up your Lampshades

It is a perfect time to upgrade your lampshades and make your room updated in an instant. Make it brighter and fun with the help of your wallpaper covering scraps or specifically buy a dedicated design for them. It can create a beautiful looking spot once you have the final result using those printed and textured wallpaper patterns specifically when the lights are on.

8. Dress up your Jewellery Box

You can go far beyond and make your jewelry box more stylish. With many commercial wallpaper designs, you choose from, like metallic, floral handcraft and organic wallpaper covering designs. You could spice it up and make your box more glamorous and personalized.

9. Bookshelves

Whatever size or space you have, it is easier to use wallpaper to decorate all the corners and back of your bookshelf and make it more lovable. Also useful in highlighting the quality of your book collection. It is recommended to use a pattern design that matches the color of your walls and color scheme of your bookshelf. For example, you could use a solid color wallpaper coverings if you have a printed or patterned wall design.

10. Redesign your Tabletops

Wallpaper can be a great option and cost-effective wallcover when it comes to redesigning your tabletops. Instead of purchasing an expensive piece of tablecloths and centerpieces that will hide the imperfections of your old tabletops, why not cover it with fashionable and elegant patterns of wallpaper you can get online or in a store? 

Using wallpapers can give you a variety of options from luxurious, rusty, and artistic designs depending on the theme or color scheme you have in your space. It is better to use pattern styles over a plain wall paint or wallpaper to accentuate its beauty. Then you can just add some artwork or Vase to finalize its look.

Final Thoughts

Since you already have some unique wallpaper ideas you can do aside from covering your walls, we are sure that you are ready to explore all the possibilities it can offer. 

Whether you are deciding to redesign your home and add features to your office spaces, you can practice the concepts above. 

You might also think that it is expensive to have a stylish and more appealing space and would need a lot of effort, and tools, but thanks to these cost-effective commercial wallcoverings it can make your life easier.

All you gotta do is to know what you want and start from there, trust your instinct and be bold. 

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