Top 5 Dryer Issues: Troubleshooting and Tips


Have you ever faced this problem? You need to go out off early and you are drying your clothes. Suddenly, the dryer shuts off early. Or it makes a lot of noise that you think it is better to shut it off? If it happens too frequently, then it is time you wear your repairer boots.

Now that you take the last statement as the lighter note and think about this: it is high time to fix your dryer. Dryer undergoes 5 main problems that can be easily fixed. Learn these hacks as they can be useful when it is frustrating that your appliances don’t work and there is a need for repair.

Here are five main issues that can occur with dryer when you don’t need to go for appliance repair center:

  1. It makes huge noises, strange noised or a lot of vibrations.
  2. It does not heat up properly
  3. It doesn’t run at all. Completely shut off
  4. It works for a while and then again it shuts off early
  5. Even if it runs, it doesn’t completely dry loads.

If the dryer makes huge noises that are very annoying, it is mainly due to the dryer drum seal. This seal can wear down over time and it is due to the result of the frequent overloading. If your dryer is old then start to dry in smaller loads. Also, don’t let it contact with the foreign objects at this phase.

Next, if it is that the dryer runs but it does not heat, then the heating element is broken or has stopped working. So, this is bound to happen where there is no ventilation, there is a clogged lint screen and the machine is always overloaded.

What if the dryer runs but it doesn’t dry the clothes? Then it is likely because the thermal fuse of the dryer has broken down. It is all due to the venting issues which can be caused by the clogged lint screen and the ventilation.

It runs, but it doesn’t run for long. Then, the likely culprit is the thermostat over here. Again, the main reason is due to the lint screen and poor ventilation.

What if the dryer becomes too hot?

When you suspect that the dryer has become too hot, it is essential that you immediately troubleshoot the problem and resolve it to working as soon as possible. The dryer while working has the experiences of high operating temperature and if this continues, then it can lead to a very dangerous situation. Hence, be careful with the dryer which becomes too hot. You can call this a priority and they may be too hot.

Here are a few things to check if the dryer is too hot:


Always check your thermostat and do so by following the instructions that are usually listed under the NO HEAT.

The coil

As much as the other parts of the dryers, the heating element is the coils are also one of the reasons why the dryer must have become hot. Read the instructions on how to handle the coils of the dryer and you may get your instant fix answer.


So this is a very important one and should be done if you want your dryer to work efficiently and smoothly. Just remove the lint trap and clean it nicely. After that, you can put it back. When there is a lot of lint in the dryer which is accumulated, it does not let the dryer do its job. Hence, the lint trap in the vent needs to be cleaned. Apart from that, the vent directly runs format eh dryer to the outside of the house. This vent can be creating the risk of carbon monoxide levels up. Therefore, the vint should be either cleaned or it should be checked and inspected at regular intervals of time. This will help in clearing the clog that is quite frequent.

Now, what are the remedies you can take?

It is simple if you cannot just clean the parts and de-clog it, they need to get replaced. The drum seal which causes those noises can be eventually replaced. They should not contact it with any of the unknown objects. Next, if the thermal fuse is a problem, then you can think it is because of the overload of the clothes. Just try getting it replaced or replace it on your own. The heating element too should be replaced if there is too much of a problem.


Hence, these are the likely culprits and cause trouble in normal functioning. Apart from that, if there is no other option than appliance repair, then you should ask for the help of a technician to help replace the parts of the dryer.

Follow these simple things and you can see that by doing the fixes, it helps most of the time

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