Roadmap to Find a Perfect Domain Name for Your New Company

Roadmap to Find a Perfect Domain Name for Your New Company

So you are now looking to take your new company to new heights with a little help from the internet. Well, the internet can help you extensively, only if you want to help yourself. What’s meant to say is – you need to be recognizable over the internet to get popular in your targeted market area. And popularity doesn’t come easy. It needs brand recognition, customer retention rate, and verbal reviews. All these factors can be easily boosted, by choosing the perfect domain name for your new company. Well, that sounds easier said than done, doesn’t it? It is easy to do too…!! Know how to choose a business name?

Only if you follow this simple roadmap followed by major MNCs and successful businesses. Here’s how to do it…

Think before you execute.

Think…think…think. That’s your baby step towards choosing the perfect name. Settle down, with a clear mind, think about what your company has that other companies lack, and how can it be used to impact lives positively. Now, think about some names that make sense to you on saying them out loud. Did some names sound better than others? If yes, discuss them with your associates and family and take their valuable responses. After these filters, shortlist a list of names for the next round.

That was the foundation, now the skyscraper. 

Choosing the right name was just the foundation laid for the building of a multi-dimensionally successful business, now comes the point where the internet will work its magic. You need to select a domain name that rhymes well with your company name and once heard, gives a lasting impression. A good domain name will make your web address catchy and easy to remember. 

Going for .com

No matter what modern digital experts say with their new-age theories, you should go with the most orthodox and highly recognized domain name – ‘.com’. This increases the chance of potential customers reaching directly on your site. For common consumers, say your business is XYZ flowers, and you tell them that you have a website, they will go home and type in That’s the most common conception about domain names which you shouldn’t ignore. Although .com domains are pricier than other domain names such as .net, .org, etcetera, they are worth their price. 

In cases, where your company name doesn’t ring a bell when used with .com, you can use other domain names as well. In a nutshell, give priority to ‘.com’. 

Playing around with TLDs.

Apart from .com, there are other top-level domains such as, .aus, .ca, etc. All these can be creatively used with your company name to churn out a really catchy and lasting web address. 

If you are unable to do it yourself, you can also take some help from leading brand naming agencies that will help you choose the best company names with trending TLDs to give you a wonderful online address. 

Co-ordinating SEO.

When you think about online marketing and business, one crucial thing for recognition is Search Engine Optimization. You need to choose a domain name that is SEO friendly and with which keywords can be used seamlessly. Your web address should work in tandem with the SEO, but it should not spam the copy of articles and banner text of your promotion. 

Checking authenticity.

Now that you have decided on the name and domain name of the company, you need to check the authenticity of the name that you have chosen. Company names for sale and their availability is listed on the United Nations’ Patent and Trademark Office’s website. You should type in your would-be company name and see for the availability. 

It will be harsh on your revenues if you attracted copyright issues in the initial years of business. That’s why it’s better to use a completely unique name that has not been used by anyone. 

Going the extra mile.

Once that you have chosen a domain name and a company name, and the authenticity of their tandem, it’s time for the icing on the cake. 

You should look for other domain names and buy them with the same company name and redirect all those addresses to your primary business page. This will avoid competitors in disguise and possible trouble of valuable customers landing on ‘error 404 – Not Found’.

This will enhance the upper cap of quarterly revenues subtly and you will enjoy all the benefits with minimal efforts. 

The same can be done with the company name. If you have a name that’s too unique and tricky to spell, you could select some common misspellings of the name, register them with your orthodox domain name and redirect them to your website. It’s that easy. 

Follow this roadmap to avoid all roadblocks in selecting the best domain name for your company. Keep calm and choose the best web address for maximum reach online. 

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