Retail Job Opportunities in a COVID-19 World

Retail Job Opportunities

As new health and safety protocols are announced, the retail industry continues to change and evolve. Store hours are changing, responsibilities are shifting, and retail is continuing to pivot to accommodate new needs and regulations.

With students wrapping up their school year in the next month, finding a retail job will look very different. Whether stores start to open up again or start operating differently and require new roles, there may be a surge of job postings.

Whether you are combing through a list of shopping malls to find a store looking for workers for curbside pickup or operations managers, the time to start the hunt is now.

According to Brendon Bernard, the senior economist at Indeed, “the job market is in much better shape than last year.” While those words may not resonate confidence within every eager body looking for a job, many need the inspiration. After all, even if you can’t work the typical sales shift, there are other positions that you could contemplate.


The operations side, also known as tasking, is a high contender for the job market right now as online and curbside orders are being organized and filled. Anyone looking to do a faster pace job and preferring to work the more physical side from retail positions should consider operations, and it’s flexible. It offers more flexible hours for those who cannot work throughout the day and allows employees to feel more at ease as their shift can be before store opening or closing. The need for an operations team will always be around with or without a pandemic.

Fulfilling Online Orders

Fulfilling online orders is a position that was not in high demand before 2020 and has now become interchangeable with in-person shopping. To avoid crowds and lines, customers have begun to love the ease of purchasing online and having the products available within hours. Curbside pickups and online shopping have been a great feature incorporated with almost every business, and it has created a surge for jobs. Whether it’s at the storefront level or the warehouse, it’s a position to consider.

Online Customer Service

In the last year or so, e-commerce has skyrocketed. Online orders surged, and with a dramatic increase, there’s more need for the inevitable troubleshooting. When mistakes occur, that is when customer service steps in to save the day. If you are excited and ready to take on new and different challenges with every call, this might be the career move for you. A bonus incentive for this position is that this job can be remote.

Security Guard

Unfortunately, the last year has led to a high volume of store incidents. Arguments between customers and non-compliance with store protocols have become a norm that didn’t exist before 2020. Due to that, a need for security has become more prevalent to ensure safety within stores. While this position doesn’t precisely stem from the store levels hiring team, looking into security companies in your area might be the career move for you if you like to ensure the well-being of others.  

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