How You Can Expand Your Business Without Having to Move Premises

Expand Your Business

Although every business looks to grow, when growth happens it can be a real headache trying to work out the best way to accommodate it and make the best decisions – especially if the growth happens before the influx of money. Trying to keep a quickly expanding business going in a cramped and ill-fitting space, yet still being able to provide the same quality to detail and level of service, can stress even the calmest mind. 

However, there are ways around this scenario, whether you choose to embrace them as the way your business should move forward, or whether you are purely looking for a way to facilitate the growth before you can find new larger premises that suit your business needs. 

Outsource Where Possible

The relevance of this paragraph to your business will depend on the area you are having to expand. If you are looking to expand your business within the specialized area that you cover, you may find that it is far more beneficial for you to hire the services of outsourcing business to cover your expansion. Indeed, there are many businesses that offer a wide range of departments and experts for outsourcing possibilities, and for most, you will not have to have these experts working within your premises, even while they are working on your projects.

Encourage Hybrid and Remote Working

If you are looking to expand the number of your office workers, then you may very well find the option of working remotely very beneficial, to both you and your workers (potential and current. A hybrid working arrangement is where your employees will work sometime of the week on your premises and the remainder at their homes or at other locations. This is different from remote working as it is a combination of both working from home and attending an office.

Offer Up Shift Hours to Workers

You may find that you have workers that much prefer to come to their place of work, and in order to save space, you could always offer them the benefits of working shifts. This means that desks can be shared and therefore it reduces the amount of space that you will need within the office area of your business – especially if you have some workers who already want to work remotely whether hybrid or entirely.

Seek Alternatives for Extra Office Space

Another option for freeing up space or expanding without uprooting your business is to look into hiring the hot desks London and other places around the country have. There are locations that provide facilities such as desks for workers to hire, as well as flexible office spaces, and meeting rooms. They are available from a daily hire through to a more permanent arrangement.

The beauty of using a facility such as this is that your employees will still have a place of work to go to where the internet is reliable and fast. A community of other workers, even if they are working on their own businesses, is also a benefit because it creates a positive work environment.

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