How to Give Your Garden Some Love this Winter

Garden Some Love this Winter

With the winter weather now approaching, many once gardeners snuggle inside with the central heating turned up and forget about their cherished outdoor space. However, although your garden may not look as bright and colorful as it did in July and August, this does not mean that it is completely without life. Instead, there are many activities that you can do now to make sure that your garden blooms as soon as the last frost ends.

Repair Your Pond 

Rather than allowing it to freeze over, the winter period is the perfect time to repair your pond without concerns about disturbing the wildlife within it. By repairing it now, you will be able to fully enjoy its oasis come spring and summer. Ponds can often become damaged over the winter, with cracks appearing on their sides and algae growing around the waterbeds. Then, you should consider calling out the professionals at to help your pond to be fully operational and to look as healthy as it did during the warmer months. 

Invest in Winter-Flowering Plants

As soon as winter hits, most people decide to pack away their trowels and spades. However, if you still want to make the most of your garden during the colder season, you should consider investing in winter-flowering plants. These include hellebores, pansies, and Christmas roses. You should plant these in addition to evergreens, small shrubs, and box trees to fill your garden with colour and brighten your mood throughout the darker, shorter days. 

Create a Rockery 

If your garden became too much to handle during the summer, or you would like to create a low maintenance space throughout the winter, you should consider creating a rockery within which you can plant succulents and alpines, among other hardy plants. Rockeries are relatively easy to create, and you can do this by digging out the soil. You should then lay down a plastic sheet, cut holes for your plants, and then fill the rest of the space with gravel. You can then decorate this space with larger boulders and rocks, as well as water features and ornaments. 

Warm Up Your Seating Areas

Although you might believe that it is too cold to sit outside now that we are in the latter half of the year, this does not have to be true. Instead, you can warm up your seating areas and make them cosy places to be by placing blankets and cushions on your chairs. You should also consider installing lighting and building a firepit in order to spread the warmth around. 

Protect and Cut Back Your Perennials 

Even though it might look like your garden has died for the winter, this is not true, and many of your perennials will simply be hibernating until the spring. However, you should make sure to take care of these throughout the winter, and you can do this by cutting them back and wrapping your more delicate plants in fleece. 

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