How to attract more people to your business

attract people to your business

You can spend as long as you want creating new and exciting products whilst reducing the costs of making those products, but the only way in which you can make a profit is to get customers buying your products. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can attract more people to your business. 

Make the front of your premises more inviting

When trying to lure people to buy your products, you might work on a number of attractive and exciting ways to display your products. Whether it’s displaying a product out of the box or simply piling all of the different versions you have on offer in a colourful tower, there’re lots of ways you can grab your potential customers’ attention once they’ve stepped foot into your business. The only problem is that many people may be put off entering your business if the outside of the building doesn’t look as appealing as the inside. Make sure you decorate and clean the outside of your building as often as you do the inside. It’s important to make it clear exactly what your business does from the outside, so make sure you have your brand name in big letters over the door and some of your products or services visible in the window.

As well as looking attractive, you also want to make sure your business looks safe as well. For example, many people may be put off going out for a romantic meal in a restaurant if they can spot a group of youths making noise outside of the business. If this a problem in your area, there is a device which you can install to help reduce this. An anti-loitering alarm, like those produced by Mosquito Loitering Solutions, discourages young people from gathering by broadcasting an irritating sound. The good news is that it emits an alternating high-frequency tone that can only be heard by young people with sensitive hearing, so older, paying customers shouldn’t be able to hear and be affected by the noise. 

Advertise yourself

Whilst many people may find out about your business by simply walking past and spotting it in the street, there will be a whole host of other people who simply don’t know your business exists. Even if they live in the same town or city, they might simply never go down the street on which your business is situated on. That’s why it’s important to advertise your business to those people who are most likely to use it. One of the best ways to do this is to create a social media profile and encourage other people to share your posts. That way, you know a large proportion of people seeing these posts will be living in the same location and able to access your business easily. 

Provide reasons for people to come back

As well as attracting new customers, it’s just as important to make sure your previous customers want to keep coming back to your business as well. Consider setting up a loyalty scheme, like a card with which they can collect stamps that can be exchanged for a free product. 

You could also hand out vouchers to every customer which they could claim if they return to your business in the future.

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