How to How to Boost Your Moving Budget

Moving Budget

Stress often accompanies a house move. It makes sense, as there is a lot to consider, including how to move items, the market price of your old home, and, of course, the budget you have to work with. Even once you come up with a solid budget, it is easy to go over it and run up some debt. Luckily, there are some simple ways of increasing your budget while saving money on moving essentials. If you are in the midst of moving home and want to boost your budget, read on. 

Sell Expensive Items 

One of the best ways to make the most of your budget is by increasing, and you can do that by selling some of your more expensive items. If you have a luxury car you haven’t taken for a spin in a long time, take some time to look at this guide on how to sell exotic car to help inject your budget with a huge chunk of cash. Look in your attic for old collector’s items, too, as they often sell for high prices. 

Move the Items Yourself 

If hiring a moving van is cutting too deep into your budget, and you’re not moving too far, consider packing up your van or car and moving your belongings without outside help. It might take a few trips, but the cost of gas likely won’t come close to the cost of a moving van. If the move is far across the country, however, you’re probably better off hiring movers to do it all in one trip. 

De-clutter Your Home 

To cut down the moving cost even more and potentially put more money toward your budget, de-clutter your home and sell some old stuff before making the move. It’ll free up plenty of room in the van, and your old coat or DVD collection might help pay for some extra décor once you settle into your new place. Once you get to your new place, you’ll be grateful you spent the time getting rid of items that no longer serve a purpose. It’s all about new beginnings! 

Avoid Buying Boxes 

Most movers rush out to buy boxes before packing up their home, but this often is unnecessary. Instead, ask around your neighborhood and local businesses to see if anyone has any free or low-priced boxes you could take off their hands. You likely have more storage containers than you think, too. For example, your washing basket can be used to pack clothes. 

Choose the Right Month 

Did you know that it’s more expensive to move during certain times of the year? Most USA house moves occur between April and September, making summertime particularly popular for changing scenery. If you want to save bucks and boost your budget, then you should consider moving in mid-winter. It might make the drive a little cooler, but you’ll free up some room in your budget, allowing you to buy that cream leather sofa you’ve been eyeing up. 

There is no getting away from how expensive a move is, but by being smart with your money, you can greatly boost your moving budget.

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