Everything You Need To Know About Cherry Picker

Cherry Picker

A cherry picker is a heavy piece of machinery equipped with a railed platform that elevates operators to work at certain heights. It is also popular by the names like man lift, boom lift, hydraulic crane, and hydra ladder. 

Cherry pickers were typically known to be used for picking fruits. But, today, it is highly used equipment in construction work, remodeling, warehousing, entertainment, mining, and other mechanical systems. They are available in different models that can run either using electric power or diesel engines and gasoline.

The Structure

While it is often found mounted on the back of vehicles like trucks, they can also be mounted on paneled vans and flatbeds. Some of their types are mounted on self-moving platforms or stand-alone trailers, having articulated boom connected with a bucket-shape platform for workers to perform their tasks.

Some cherry pickers come with a duplicate set of systems that allow operators to change and control the position of the bucket. On the other side, some have the telescoping capability to alter the reach of the device, using automatic safety controls to avoid tipping over.

It Comes In Various Models

Cherry picker comes in various designs, and the most popular is boom lifts, which could be further categorized as a knuckle and straight booms. Both are often termed as aerial lifts that are not just useful for picking fruits, and tree trimming, but also for construction work, cleaning windows on skyscrapers, etc.

Top 5 Types of Cherry Pickers

Van Cherry Pickers

Van cherry pickers are designed the way that it enables you to move around more conveniently. For this reason, this type is ideal when you need to maneuver in between or around the branches of trees. Moreover, the enclosed design allows you to carry the equipment required at the moment and keep them safe from the weather. This type can reach heights range from 10m to 15m.

Under Bridge Cherry Pickers

As the name suggests, these types of cherry pickers allow an exceptional downward and inward reach capability enables workers to do maintenance work under the bridge. These are mounted on tracks that allow driving while the boom is extended.

This piece of equipment allows two drivers, one in the cab who is in contact with one in the bucket. Dual controls enable the cherry picker to perform bridge work with safety in mind. Moreover, operators are trained with cherry picker certification to complete every minor and major task safely and soundly.

Truck Mounted Cherry Pickers

This comes with an articulating or telescopic action and can reach a height range from 30m to 60m. A large fleet of four-wheel vehicle is suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty tasks and maintenance like road applications and other construction applications. 

Scissor Lifts

It has a vertical platform in a scissor-like zig-zag structure connected with a bucket allowing workers to stand and work. It is best used if anyone needs to work against a vertical surface like the sides of a building. The lifting height varies from model to model, typically range from 20 to 50 feet or higher.

Caterpillar Track Cherry Pickers

It is designed for jobs associated with rough terrain and heavy-duty work such as operations on construction sites. This type of equipment has a mounted platform that runs on crawler tracks and outfits with a bucket like a platform for transporting materials and lifting personnel. Since the caterpillar tracks are so rugged, they are ideal for working in areas where dirt and mud are primary concerns.

Now that you know about cherry pickers, you can make an informed decision while performing different tasks in different areas!

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