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How to Manage Safe Medical Refrigerator Handling Practices in Your Medical Facility

No healthcare facility can run without a refrigerator. And that speaks all about the indispensability of refrigerators for medical facilities. Interestingly, the concept of refrigeration was developed by a doctor. In the 1720s, William Cullen, a Scottish doctor, discovered that evaporation could create a mechanical refrigerator.  Medical refrigerators allow medical facilities to store temperature-sensitive items, […]

The Best Foods to Eat If You’ve Been Diagnosed with Dysphagia

Have you recently been diagnosed with dysphagia and are struggling to figure out what to do in terms of your meal plan? Do you want to be sure you’re picking foods that easy to swallow yet still taste good? Just because you want to make smart choices doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor and […]

A Guide to Nutrition and the Body for the Elderly

Nutrition is obviously important to everyone. The food we eat offers the very building blocks we need to live a long and healthy life, and from the moment we are born to the time we are classed as elderly, our bodies have very different needs. There are approximately 49.2 million seniors in the USA, which […]

Guide to Cardio Kickboxing Workouts

Kickboxing is an old sport that has been around for years & is brutal. It demands exceptional cardiovascular endurance & speed for winning. Strong spirit & body is essential kickboxing. It is a fun & effective cardio workout option that engages all the muscle groups in the body and your mind as well. Kickboxing is […]

The Evolution of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is both a massive industry and a broad medical field. The use of movement to rehabilitate damaged or atrophied areas of the body is widely accepted to be a crucial part of recovery. We now also know that physical therapy can help in cases of cardiovascular or brain damage.  It is no surprise […]

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