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Thoughts on Love

1.       If you like someone in your section or class, I vote that you go for it. I’ve heard lots of negative views on dating other students in law school. What if it doesn’t work…

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Playing Hard to Get + Online Dating = Love?

Although math was never my strong suit, this seems to be the perfect formula for dating success. Recent news articles have shown that playing hard to get may actually work, and that online dating as…

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Recessionary Romance: Dating in a Poor Economy

As we all know, during a recession people try to cut back on their spending. For existing couples, this may mean more time cooking dinners together instead of going out to eat, and more nights…

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1L(ove)- The Wild One

This week’s most eligible 1L bachelor is… Bill L! Dubbed “Wild Bill” by his section, he comes to BC Law with a major in chemistry from Cornell. Perhaps you could create some chemistry of your…

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A Love Story

By Kimberly Chung

On April 29th, 1975, my grandparents, my fifteen-year old mother and her five brothers and sisters were awoken in the middle of the night to catch an airplane bound for the United…

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