“Ethical” Facebooking

The MPRE results were released approximately three hours ago, and already Facebook is alive with status updates. While I understand that fellow law students are happy to have passed another hurdle on the way to being a member of the bar, I cannot help but feeling less than wholly positive about such personal status updates.

Of course, this article is being written by a person who has only updated her status once or twice. In a recent job interview, I was asked about my feelings as to constant status updates. While, of course, I found the question odd, I answered with “some things should stay personal.” The results of the MPRE exam is one thing that should stay personal.

A recent Utah Valley University study demonstrated that the more time one spends on Facebook, the more one believes his or her life pales in comparison to others. Facebook users present themselves in their best light. This makes perfect sense, as I have yet to see a status of “Failed the MPRE” or the like.

How do you feel about status updates? Is some information best kept private or only shared with close friends?

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3 Responses to ““Ethical” Facebooking”

  1. I failed the MPRE. #ThereISaidIt

  2. Agreed, Snoopy