Thoughts on Love

1.       If you like someone in your section or class, I vote that you go for it. I’ve heard lots of negative views on dating other students in law school. What if it doesn’t work out? What if it makes it awkward in class? What if you have the same group of friends then break up? Although they’re legitimate concerns, so what? If it works, it works. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. On an interview the other day, the woman told me she just got engaged to someone she starting dating in her section 1L year.  How cute is that?

2.       I wonder if there’s been an official study done on whether the internet has led to increased cheating. I caught my “boyfriend” using a dating site the other day, so I suppose I’m jaded on this topic. (It’s okay though- it’s actually a pretty funny story). I can’t decide if I think that dating sites, facebook messages, etc. simply make it easier for people who would have cheated regardless, or if some people who otherwise would have been faithful stray only because of how easy technology makes it. I’ll look into this- stay tuned for what I find.

3.       Engagement ring shopping is such an odd thing. I worked at Kay Jewelers for two years, and I was always so surprised by how many couples go together to pick out rings. I had always thought the guy found out through friends and family what kind of ring she wants, goes on his own to get it, then surprises her with a lovely proposal. Instead, I would say more than half of the rings I sold were purchased by the couple together. Doesn’t that ruin the surprise aspect? Or what if the girl falls in love with a ring that he can’t afford? The cost aspect was definitely a little awkward sometimes, even from my side of the counter.

a.       As a cute sidenote, one time a couple came in together to pick out a ring, and they found one she loved that fell within his budget. As I was ringing them up they seriously looked like the happiest people in the world. The second I handed him the bag, he got very flustered, then dropped to one knee almost instantly. He blurted “Honey I can’t wait a single second longer. Will you marry me??”. You have no idea how loudly the whole store said “aww”. She said yes :)

4.       Any good love stories from boat cruise? I was in New Jersey so I missed it, but I am eagerly anticipating hearing about everyone’s night.

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